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Too Strong!

Too Strong!
Sunday 17/12/2006, 11:35
-sCapeg0d- - Legend English

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Too Strong!
-sCapeg0d- - Legend - Limit BreakEnglish - Sunday 17/12/2006, 11:35

The Ulu Watus are becoming the strongest clan in the ELOs! The balance is much much more chaotic now than ever before!

A 3rd ELO poll is much required right now.

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Jericho78 - Titan - Malaysian PRIDE squad English
Sunday 17/12/2006, 13:16

What makes you say that? I haven't played in ELO yet but would like to know the scene first. Thanks.

6SimS-Sven - Guru - UTOPiA English
Sunday 17/12/2006, 14:33

Haha yeah ban Wee Lee,tanaereva or Nanook
Baahaa - Veteran - League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen English
Sunday 17/12/2006, 19:53

Actually..no need for banning see if a poll occurs of banning of couple Ulu Watu characters the balance will tip over for another clan then another person will whine..and make another post of banning about another clan and so on and so on...besides if you can make a deck of stopping ulu watus clan bonus and character ability you shouldn't have any problem winning
Jericho78 - Titan - Malaysian PRIDE squad English
Monday 18/12/2006, 01:20

This kinda scene reminds me of another real life collectible card game. Ban this, another will pop up, ban that, yet another will pop up. It will never end, IMHO. For me, I think building a deck to handle those deck will be ok but at the risk of losing to others.
0- JP - Titan - † OVER KILL † English
Monday 18/12/2006, 04:00

Exactly, ano ito, Skullclamp, lol! don't ban it, im saving for those cards, wakekeke! there really isn't a perfect deck here like in any other card game, its how you play and if your deck can handle it.
-sCapeg0d- - Legend - Limit Break English
Monday 18/12/2006, 04:18

Rogue, you forgot Gaia as well as Gabrielle.

Somebody and Jericho... point well taken.
Obey Giant - Titan English
Monday 18/12/2006, 04:54

Yo if you ban Wee Lee ,Tanaereva or Nanook you making sure that the Uppers control clint city like they did before
0- JP - Titan - † OVER KILL † English
Monday 18/12/2006, 07:18

6SimS-Sven - Guru - UTOPiA English
Monday 18/12/2006, 08:32

Lol Uppers...2 Dorian (s)= 3 copper (s)
remeber that(nah just forget everything about jackie)

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