offline Murdox Hero  
Monday 15/01/2007, 14:26

Id like a suggestion, what cards in ELO deck Pussy and Fang

offline KisadaBB EVO Veteran Blues Brothers
Tuesday 16/01/2007, 09:40

Hm... i play some Puss Fang deck it looks like this :
Fang Pi - 12
Macumba 4
Marlysa 2
Windy Mor 3
Xia Leming 3
Pussycats 13
Charlie 5
Dolores Boss 3
But this deck isn't good smiley I don't like Puss Fang combo anuway, but try if u like smiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Tuesday 16/01/2007, 11:10

I'd go different:

Kinjo 5 / Lao Cr 5
Windy Mor 3
Xia Leming 3
Marlysa 2

Yayoi 4
Feelyn 2
Manon Cr 3
Scarlett Cr 3

I'm not saying this deck is better, but i'd play it with these cards. smiley

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Tuesday 16/01/2007, 12:14

Easy to say Nano, hard to get.

offline 0 Dark Army Imperator The Flying Dutchman
Tuesday 16/01/2007, 14:11

I thinnk replacing Manon with Tania will improve your chances nano smiley

offline Murdox Hero  
Wednesday 17/01/2007, 00:40

And a solo puss deck or solo fang ???

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Wednesday 17/01/2007, 02:13

Im just saying its a good deck, hehe, one that i can;t afford but would want to play, hehe! smiley

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