Saturday 23/12/2006, 18:39

Please tall me who you think is the best Leader and why

Saturday 23/12/2006, 19:06

Hugo.. attack is soo underrated.. smiley

Friday 29/12/2006, 02:23

Morphun or Ashigaru

Friday 29/12/2006, 08:44


Friday 29/12/2006, 10:46

Ashigaru - has good attack and cool ability

Friday 29/12/2006, 11:59


Ashigaru (R) = Good power and damages. 8 power, 6 damages.
Hugo (R) = Increases Attack. 7 power, 5 damages.
Morphun (R) = 1 Pillz by turn... Can easily defeat another players. 5 power, 5 damages.
Vansaar (R) = If you have another card to level up, he increases XP. 6 power, 5 damages.
Timber (R) = Increases Damage. 4 power, 6 damages (In the Timber poll, most of the users voted to increas his abilities (power and damages).
Bridget (R) = 1 Life by Turn... Can evade being KO'ed. 5 power, 5 damages.
Ambre (R) = Team: Courage2. 5 power, 5 damages.

Every Leader has an unique ability, choose your best.

Saturday 30/12/2006, 03:50

That break down was a surface look only, here is a little more indepth one,

Hugo boosts all cards are your side 6 attack if you are a hit em hard hit em fast then this is your guy, 7/5 is also good stats
Morphun gives you a extra pill every turn except for the last turn, this is more techy it allows you to be more risky with pill usage, 5/5 is solid stats
Vansaar usage is strickle for leveling cards being that he gives cards 1.2 xp boost, 6/5 are solid stats too
Timber gives you a 1 damage which is actually not that useful being that you have to win the fight for this to affect anything 4/6 stats will probably go to 6/6 making his stats way better
Ashigaru allows you to go second in the opening round of the battle, though this is useful, however it only effects the first match, even with 8/6 stats he still does not make enough impact to be good

Saturday 30/12/2006, 04:04

I must be to wordy lol anyway

Bridget 1 life every turn except the last one, this card is more defensive, so if you tend to be more reserved in your tactics or need more life cause you play a little more reckless then you like the extra 3 life. 5/5 are solid stats
Ambre courage 2 is her ability for those who don't know courage works if you attack first which means the courage becomes a 2 power for that card if, let me say that again if you attack first which makes this Leader the worst of them all, courage is the most situational ability ever,

best to worst

Saturday 30/12/2006, 16:08

Morphun's the best.. I always win on pills because of this guy.. 2 cards and the opponent is toast.. and if you do tournaments you need fast wins and lots of them..

Monday 01/01/2007, 14:30

Morphun is certainly the most popular, if you go by Market prices.


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