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Monday 12/03/2007, 00:34

Wondering about a new deck, apparently my old strategies has gotten me murdered but now I 'm thinking of rebuilding my deck. But does it not beg to differ the whole "Trust in the heart of the cards" and "Believe in your deck." thing that's been so loved in my old blog-like rants and romps? smiley I don't want to change my deck, I like it the way it is, but still with the emergence of Morphun as the leader superpower, the All-stars and their sapping abilities, and Ulu Watu and their weird steroids it's kind of making me want to throw my Lovable Gheist deck in to the fire and start anew again smiley, Sigh, i wish that gheist had a few more cards that were better then what they have, the best cards cost too many stars and the low level stars aren't worth the worry smiley... Sigh, I guess I should stay loyal to my cards and continue to strategies better then to think that my much higher IQ and cunning would just get me thrown to the top spots instead of good ole fashion work. Thanks smiley

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