offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 02/10/2009, 11:58

Hello all,

A new mean of payment is available for players living in Philippines, Brazil, Turkey and Israel.
You can purchase credits with Ultimate Game Cards.

You will find Ultimate Game Cards in these shops :

Philippines : Load Central
Brazil : E-PREPAG
Turkey : üyelikal
Israel : Storm

Have fun

offline T I M O Colossus ELITE NATION
Sunday 22/11/2009, 10:14

UCGs can also be found at any Netopia branch in PH smiley

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Sunday 22/11/2009, 10:52

Thanks smiley

offline ShadoPanther Veteran  
Sunday 22/11/2009, 11:27

Plz add something for india too
SMS would be great

offline coolie3 Guru PINOYGuild
Tuesday 15/12/2009, 05:54

UGC is available in Netopia cafes here in phiilippines

offline ebezue Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 15/12/2009, 11:32

Yep,its available in netopia.
im actually a filipino but i dunno how to change the flagT_T

offline chancesz Titan  
Tuesday 15/12/2009, 15:02

When we pay with ugc is there additional fees?

offline DBWizards Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 00:13

If only the 120 credits is lower than 10 dollars for philippine users then i can use UGC to buy 120 credits, if not i can only buy 50 credits. the sad thing is that once you use the UGC card for the 50 credits, the rest of the money is wasted because of the one time use.

offline chancesz Titan  
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 01:41

Actually no. it gets saved and added the next time you use one.

offline chancesz Titan  
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 01:47

1 more thing. A 20$ ugc is about 1000 Php. why is it that it says 18.9$ for the 400 credits then when use the card it isnt enough >.> its very decieving.

offline Boys Cr Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 08:15

smileythe prize in the shop usd(for ugc) is not updated it took me 2 ugc 250 to buy 50 creds smiley

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