offline Goatmanji Hero URBAN MADNESS
Monday 22/02/2010, 19:03

Just for fun....

If the powers that be in the movie industry made a blockbuster motion picture based on UR, what actors/actresses do you think should play the parts of specific characters? And who should direct it?

Some of them would be pretty obvious (i.e. Keanew would be Keanu Reeves). Let's ignore those for now.

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 22/02/2010, 19:17

Didn't we already have one of these threads?
It's been pushed way back tho I can't find it smiley

offline Toxica Legend Open Casket
Monday 22/02/2010, 20:28

Zlatar -Patrick Stewart
Stanford -Trevor Morgan
Tyler -Brad Pitt ( smiley )
Dalhia -Zoe Saldana
Don -Robert De'Nero
Charlie -Rene Russo
Muze -Toni Collette
Keanew -Keanu Reeves ( smiley )
Suzie -Abigail Breslin
Miken Moose -Michael Moore
Skiner -Justin Bartha
Peeler -Sean Connery
DJ Korr Cr -Samuel
Sandy -Emma Stone
Ielena -Linda Park
Platinum -Samuel Jackson

Just to name a few.

offline T_G_ Killer Guru gladiators
Tuesday 23/02/2010, 00:25

Haha i doubt it would happen but it would be too stop the gheist/nightmare & too control jungo

offline Toxica Legend Open Casket
Tuesday 23/02/2010, 00:44

Some more for the list.

Greow -Nick Nolte's mug shot smiley
Dorian -Mel Gibson's mug shot smiley
Sandro -Spencer Breslin
Chlora -Oprah Winfrey
Melvin -Haruhiko Kato
Betty -Julie Andrews
Ditha -Diane Lane
Terry Cr -Ryan Newman
Morphun -Lawrence Fishburn smiley
Timber (*1) -Robin Williams
Hugo -Michael Madsen (Not a doubt in my mind smiley )
Trish -Vivica Fox
Giovanni -Michael Paré (In his prime- :lovesmiley
Prince Jr -Christopher Walken
Gaia -Drew Barrymore
Goldie -Courtney Cox
Sasha -Mandy Moore
Dj Korr Cr -Chi McBride
Smokey Cr -Will Smith
Sigmund Cr -Ed O'Neill
Sol Hona -Skeet Ulrich
Amy -Emily Mortimer
Esmeralda -Noureen DeWulf
Lamar Cr -Denzel Washington
Pegh -Danny Devito
Luba -Bridgette Wilson

offline Goatmanji Hero URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 23/02/2010, 03:35

Wow, nice list Toxica!!!

offline Teh Gray Veteran  
Tuesday 23/02/2010, 03:45

This is simple
Slyth wiould be Amy Winehouse

offline Caitbug_05 Veteran  
Tuesday 23/02/2010, 04:14

This stuff's fun smiley Anyhow, love Toxica's choice for Esmeralda! Very, very pretty!!

Ongh-Morgan Freeman should be his voice.
Slyth-Keith David. I just love the idea of Slyth having a deep voice XD
Kati- Kate Beckinsale
Macumba- Zoe Saldana
Bryan-Damian Lewis...but I don't think he could be Bryan at his final level XP
Hula- Aslı Tandoğan
Sharon- Rachel Hunter

That's all I can think of right now...

offline Toxica Legend Open Casket
Tuesday 23/02/2010, 05:42

Ah, thank you. I'm a movie maniac (I use the term "maniac" literally), so this thread hits me on a personal level. smiley

offline Goatmanji Hero URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 23/02/2010, 06:07

(Off topic)
Toxica, what's your fav. movie of all time?
(Back on topic)
Seems like you put a lot of thought into this, Toxica...
Loving the picks so far (Michael Madsen, Christopher Walken, and Morgan Freeman's voice-perfection smiley )
What about my favorite UR character, Fuzz?
And what about the director? (More important than actors for a good movie, IMO)

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