offline crazydaze95 Guru the dynamite fuses
Sunday 12/09/2010, 18:20

Oceanic this new clan of underwater warriors are hear to take a stand and want to turn clint city into one great big ocean first 4 characters

3 star
power 7 damage 4
ability at level 3 -3 damage min 1
clan bonus - 2 opp pillz min of 3
bio: a underwater atlantis warrior what many consider as a myth but this guy is for real.

2 star
power 6 damage 5
ability at level 1 +12 attack
bio: a mischeavious mermaid who has come to clint city to reek havok amongst all of its inhabitants

4 star
ability at level 3 +1 power
power 7 damage 6
bio : this power house is atlantis frontline against intruders and this is all they need as he has earned the nickname one man army

3 star
ability at level 3 protection bonus
power 6 damage 2
bio : as the brains of atlantis reed was the inventor of the o2h manipulator as breathing devise what lets atlantis dweelers come to the surface without suthocating.

hope you like my clan smiley

offline handyymann Guru Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 03/10/2010, 06:00

The Shut-Downs

bio: A clan based on a member of each clan who was kicked out or denied all together. They gathered up to fight back against the world that turned them down!

basicly the bonus would be, bonus of what be: copy-cat: takes bonus of clan represented.
(also for vortex, you could put a prisoner who got sent back as a punishment!)

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Sunday 03/10/2010, 06:39

Road Runners: Super Willy? Alright.

offline Aeliasson Imperator  
Sunday 03/10/2010, 10:42

Bonuses shouldn't get courage because that would mean you will get them 50% of the time and it would predictable to play against such a clan.

offline AP_Magikarp Titan The American People
Sunday 03/10/2010, 12:16

1. An insect clan to rival the Jungo, who were also caught in the blast.
2. A clan with regular people, who work in stores etc. I believe ghey slate called "Clintzitezans."

offline GoLdHeArT Senior  
Sunday 03/10/2010, 16:24

High Rollers Second Wave:

Rudie (High Rollers Leader)
5* Power 8 Damage 6
Ability: Poison 3 Min. 1

Lolli G
3* Power 6 Damage 4
Ability: -2 Opp Damage Min. 4

5* Power 4 Damage 7
Ability: Power= Opp. Power

XLR8 (High-Tech Roller-Blading Robot)
4* Power 6 Damage 6
Ability: Defeat: 2/3 Pillz Recovered

offline kTizzle(TCA) Imperator  
Sunday 03/10/2010, 19:08

Um courage does not mean predictable-if you've ever used Ambre then you will probably know how to use Road Runners. And here are some more example cards of how this clan will work

Name: Motormouth

lvl 1 1/2
lvl 2 6/3 Defeat -2 opp life min 5

Bio: Motormouth was given his name because he could never stop talking. Of course the good thing was that his spit is made of engine oil so they use him to fuel their bikes.

Defeat helps the clan deal with non-courage turns and can be used for mind games if you played this card with courage since they know it has high power so it might be to beat their card instead of being used for defeat


lvl 1 4/1
lvl 2 5/2
lvl 3 7/3
lvl 4 7/4 Revenge+4 life

Bio: Gear is a technopath, originally from the Skeelz Academy he decided to join the Road Runners since they were a fun bunch. He is their mechanic

Revenge: also lets you play mind games on your opponent-they might just let the previous card win since you have +3 power when lo and behold you bluffed 1 pill


lvl 1 3/1
lvl 2 5/3
lvl 3 6/5 Confidence +3 power

Bio: Grinder is the resident daredevil of the Road Runners and he never fails to take on any challege just like his leader. He can even grind on railings with his motorbike which gained him his moniker.

Confidence-if you have +3 power you have a very high chance to activate confidence making this card a 9/5 last time I checked that is very good and if you somehow won on a non courage turn 12/5 3 star beast right here

offline GoLdHeArT Senior  
Sunday 03/10/2010, 20:09

Any thoughts on any of the High Rollers anyone?

offline Lupo 1908 Hero  
Monday 04/10/2010, 03:19

New Clan :Spartans

Bio : "After all the violence, and fighting, in the streets of Clint city, some common people wanted to organize and defend themselves .They formed a cult community, based on the life of Spartans, and followed the cult Leader of Spartans, Agis , at the mountains around Clint city ,in order to gain strength, and build an army to revenge the clans that fight for power in Clint city. They left all their belongings and changed their names,Agis has become king , and everyday they practice martial arts, from childhood ,and they eat nothing but black broth.That hard life in the mountains gave them confidence and strength,to revenge the clans for the violence they suffered as civilians. They will become fearful opponents in Clint city ,since they bow only to the "spartan law"-Come back victorious ,or dead"

bonus clan
Shield bonus: when player plays first gains+1power in his attack ,when player plays second -1 damage from opponents attack. This is inspired from spartans sword and shield tactics.

offline crazydaze95 Guru the dynamite fuses
Friday 08/10/2010, 14:51

I cant see spartans being a clan

offline Slowcell Guru  
Friday 08/10/2010, 21:21



+2 pillz

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