Tuesday 21/09/2010, 09:52

Hello all,

It’s been several weeks now we are testing a new tool which will allow you to create auctions. You’ll by able to sell one single card or a bunch of them in your auctions.
We think this tool is ready now and you should be able to use it easily. But to be sure of it, we will release its Beta version. It means you’ll be able to test this tool and create your own auctions. smiley
To get to this new tool, go on the «Collection» tab then «Auctions». If we notice a problem during this testing phase, we will reserve the right to deactivate this tool to avoid major issues.
Let us know in this thread if you meet problems.
This tool is available for player over level 15.

If you notice a problem, please, give as much details as you can with screenshots if it’s possible. No off-board messages please.

Have fun smiley

Wednesday 13/10/2010, 17:23

@euzebe is it considered scamming if someone puts Kiki 2 000 000 and does not say cr but still is trying to trick people into buying it?

Monday 18/10/2010, 21:59

Can you cancle auction bids?

Thursday 09/06/2011, 06:13

Hey how make a auction,but all it does is take to the aucitons list??smiley

Thursday 09/06/2011, 11:48

Zi0n_ghaims: If they don't say that it is a Kiki Cr then its not scamming, in this case it the fault of the person buying for not checking the card properlly.

Wednesday 02/11/2011, 13:32

Sometimes i wonder if mods check posts befor accepting them because Aidanha99's post didn't need accepting.

Wednesday 02/11/2011, 13:42

Some do, others dont smiley

Wednesday 02/11/2011, 14:03

Lol. smiley


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