offline Goralion Admin  
Tuesday 21/12/2010, 16:35

A Urban RIvals comics will be released on January 6th in France. For the moment this comic won't be available in other languages but we are doing our best to find international partners.

By way of reward for this purchase, French readers will find in each comic a card with a code. Once registered on the site, this code will allow them to receive in preview the new legendary card depicting Scott, the hero of this comic.

You'll be able to unlock Scott ingame thanks to a legendary mission which will be available on April 2011.

In order to allow players in all other countries to have Scott in preview too we have decided to offer 20 codes each week during a month as from January 6th. To have a luck to win a code, you'll have to rank in the 150 first players in Daily Tournaments. Have fun !

offline scareLESS Guru  
Friday 14/01/2011, 13:20

I've fought vs Scott Ld once and took a printscreen HEHE
The question is to get link to french website and purchase the comic online smiley

offline K1NG_PWN4GzZz Colossus TrAitorzZz
Saturday 15/01/2011, 14:02

IMHO the preview should've been just that
a preview..
not the ability to really GET the card

I'm a huge Rescue fan and I really like the new character
but since I don't live in France, I have no access to the comic
pour moi, ecrire ou lire francais est pas de probleme, parce que je l'ai comme etudes a l'ecole
(to me, writing or reading french is no problem, because I had it as a study in school)

The problem is, in a game like this, you can't just give a group of people the option to get a card before the rest does
and even allow them to play with it
Why is that even possible?? who came up with this rascist idea
cause that's what it is, rascism
I'm not French, though I can understand, read and write it,
but I can't buy it..
so unless I'm able to buy it, other's should not be able to get specific bonusses from buying it
I'm even to any other player

but I'm not and next to that, UR hates me
so even though I finish reguraly in the top 150 I haven't gotten a code

don't doesn;t sit well with me..

offline kwecky_OK Legend Organized Konfusion
Saturday 15/01/2011, 16:42

Aint we allowed to buy it in web store?

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 15/01/2011, 18:34

I really don't mind this as long as everyone can get it in the end (and that they translate the comics).

offline SavetheKinna Titan Open Casket
Saturday 15/01/2011, 23:44

My clouded thinking tells me that you must finish in the top 150 in DT "for the week" not just finish in the top 150 of a DT. This would mean 12 dt a day X 7 days equals 84 first place finishers. and if you are one of those guys who consistantly finishes one, two or three then....blah blah blah...hmm...what this all means is that I won't be getting one of those codes. smiley

offline KarlM1 Veteran Company Of Brothers
Tuesday 01/02/2011, 21:27

I read in the france forum that jaxx(gheist) is one of the new ld is this true?

offline (BB)chubaka Imperator  
Thursday 03/02/2011, 15:10

Wait a sec. Bonnie missions ends march, and scott ld will be available in april. so there will be new Ld in march?

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Thursday 03/02/2011, 15:50

Maybe they put Dudley back on.

offline spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Sunday 06/02/2011, 19:59

So how about the lottery ? It is more that 30 days after the realase of Scott LD and there is no info about the results ... ?

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 06/02/2011, 20:35

Spagr, in the Tournaments and events forun there are three topics about it already.

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