offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Monday 23/05/2011, 17:36

The English speaking community needs 10 forum moderators. Forum moderators have to be level 50 minimum, be active in the community and know the message boards rules. If you’re interested, contact Euzebe

offline IM_Judge Titan  
Friday 28/10/2011, 19:57


any updates on this?

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 02/11/2011, 13:40

Nope lol.

offline Lady Merlina Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 03/11/2011, 21:03

Spagr always mod? My God! What kind of question is this? smiley
But I can tell you one thing, he's one helluva mod, never takes sides, criticises me a lot, and guided me all this time to the right path. If he's like this to me, I hate to think what he'd be like to the wrong-doers smiley
So it'd be small wonder for me if he'll always be a mod.smiley
But still, I will continue to fight him, tooth and nail smiley
Daexen as well, you there, bro? Gave me a lot of advices on my path to become a mature, better player. Thanks bro. smiley
Artemis, sita, you are the most mature and most gentle mod ever, I vouchsafe ferya smiley
Daigon, what can I say about you? You are the one who promised to BL me as well as my insulter, OMG, talk about impartiality, you are the king! smiley
Euzebe, when I am finished with the mods, I'll come for the staff. smiley
OMG, I am lucky, real lucky to have made my aquaintance with such wonderful people in this game.
So nice, so wise, but tell me, how come you all got into bad company such as Nickwit, Fraggle, Goralion and co..? smiley
Love you all. smiley
Hehe, campari speak, okay? smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 04/11/2011, 10:04

I can't tell if MERLIN posted a really nice post to the mods or if hes trying to brib them lol.

offline Sir_0nly_0n3 Titan Code of Chivalry
Friday 04/11/2011, 18:55

No use trying to bump this thread my friends. The UR staff has most likely found their moderators. otherwise, they would have said they're still looking (Or i would at least hope so). We cant send messages to Euzebe anymore as applications.. They probably had way too many people apply for the job. Though i hope someone posts more info on this smiley ahem UR Staff ;P

offline Reap-DvF Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 04/11/2011, 20:57

smiley interesting post Merlin

offline Lady Merlina Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 06/11/2011, 13:54

Thanks. Sometimes, I feel like opening my mind, but not too often smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 06/11/2011, 16:52

Th3 0nly 0n3: If they have chosen then i would atleast like to know they have.

offline Lady Merlina Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 06/11/2011, 16:57

@Th3 0nly 0n3 & Battery: Mates, I am not after modship smiley Euz had made that perfectly clear to me in an earlier Pm some months back when I was brazen enough to try my luck for a second time.
I made that post in all modesty, only I was 4 times above the drink drive limit, and couldn't go to the club, and had to pass time at home till the home breathalyser stopped screaming red. smiley
As a byword, I should add that all mods that I have come in contact with, are perfectly neutral individuals, and they never jump into action unless it is something awful.
Also, one thing that I learnt from the experience of the so-called ELO greats, stay well away from cheating of any kind. If they find out, account ban is sure to follow, no doubt. Borrowing cards and not returning them is punishable by the same degree, and if ample proof is provided, vamos, the account can be kissed bye bye...

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 06/11/2011, 20:54

Well this thing has gone beyond a joke, I waited for a whole day to see if my post went through just to find out it didn't.

We need new mods now, the forums are slower than ever, this is why they were recruiting mods in the first place, to make the forums run smoother, not for 10 young individuals to feel like they have power, but for the forums to run faster and smoother.

I feel embarrassed for this community in a way, as soon as this post came up tons of random players who have no idea nor come to the forums regularly tried to request to be a mod, not to help the forums but just for that chance of 'fame' and 'power'.

Another thing to note is how many fake people popped up as soon as this post came up, loads of 'friendly active' players suddenly popped out of thin air, why? All for the chance of 'fame' or 'power' whatever you want to call being a mod.

Did I send a request? Sure, why? Because I'm on these forums a lot more than many people, do I want to be a mod? No, I simply wanted to let through posts, why? To help run the forums smoother, it's not about being the man of power if your not helping anything or anyone.

I think they made a mistake to make this thread, they shouldn't of offer'd people to be 'mods' but more of a community guidance, with no more power than letting through posts they think are acceptable and are active so posts would be coming in regularly.

Simple as that.

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