offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Thursday 30/06/2011, 14:46

9 complementary, efficient characters for just 60 creditsWith these 9 characters, you’ll have two different Decks to play with, each made up of 8 cards. The first one, that has 25 stars, can be played in ELO and T1, while the second one with its 28 stars can be played in T2. And of course both these Decks can be played in open mode.And of course you can modify and improve these Decks with your own cards. However, if you’re just starting out in the game, we advise you to wait until you’ve played a few rounds with the Decks before you start making changes to them.

offline WMD Abaddon Legend  
Friday 01/07/2011, 06:30

To find them go to the shop and open the theme decks tab

offline Kurland-AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Friday 01/07/2011, 06:34

They are over priced since all the cards in it are low cost cards, 20 or 30 credits would be better. If you are going to spend 60 I would suggest spending it on New Blood packs. With a little luck you can get enough clintz from selling the cards you get there to buy all the chars in one of these decks and a few extras besides,

offline Project Soul Guru  
Friday 01/07/2011, 07:27

Yeah i agree, over priced for those decks. But it is a great idea to have these Decks already made for elo, i just think all the cards inside should be valued around 6k since its 100 for 10k clintz

offline MooseMeat Hero Power of the Moose
Friday 01/07/2011, 09:23

To the people raging against thses things, saying "Get 3 New Blood instead grah grah grah" etc, is not the point of these decks that to a new player, they are stable. Sure, they are not amazing decks, and are a little overpriced at 60 credits (I would say 50 was fair), but the point is, they are not godawful either. They may only be average as far as gameplay is concerned, but they are completely risk-free (i.e, you can see exactly what you are getting, a usable and okay deck, whilst with 3 New Blood packs there is a risk you may get 9 cards that go for under 200 clints), which to a new player makes them excellent.

Stop hatin', y'hear?

offline Project Soul Guru  
Friday 01/07/2011, 10:16

Yeah we know its for new players and they're well constructed decks but you can buy 10k clintz for 100 credits then use that money to get the same characters cheaper on the market and have money for other cards as well.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 01/07/2011, 11:12

The idea was good for lower level players but they should cost 10 -20 credits and to stop the prices of cards dropping madly only allow each player to buy one of each.

60 credits is a bit too much for what they contain.

offline PORGONOMETRY Guru ★ The TrapStars ★
Friday 01/07/2011, 11:30

The price is inflated...u can just change the credits to clintz nd buy the cards in the theme deck

offline Clusou Senior ? «« L?Vé »» ?
Friday 01/07/2011, 12:03

Supreme awful offer.. forget it.

offline SH Sitael Titan  
Friday 01/07/2011, 13:48

Why not change the pack a little bit. Let's say like: you get 8 characters for a T1 deck, and the 9th is a random rare card. That way you get a garanteed rare card, just like the 50credits full deck pack. That would be far more appealing for a bit more experienced players as well. smiley

offline Mungos22 Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Friday 01/07/2011, 14:00

I USED CURSED BEACH AND IT RULESsmileysmileysmileysmiley

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