offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Thursday 04/08/2011, 16:01

The crew at Urban Rivals has teamed up with Take Off Studios to create
the very first collectible action figure made in Clint City!It will be a Kolos action figure and exactly 1,000 copies of them will be made.In anticipation, we've created this page where you can see the first images of the "Kolos Limited Edition" and find out all the latest information!

offline ZXJordanXZ Senior  
Friday 05/08/2011, 00:24

Definitly gunna try nd buy this, how much!!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

offline skrillex94 Novice  
Friday 05/08/2011, 00:25

I'll buy them

offline GameMasterNEB Imperator Organized Konfusion
Friday 05/08/2011, 00:27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

offline Twisted DIm Veteran Dragões Imortais
Friday 05/08/2011, 00:46


offline NVash Veteran  
Friday 05/08/2011, 01:06

Id like one but I think Id much prefer some sort of competition to win the Kolos card instead. However, I realize that probably wont happen. If they were to make some sort of competition like the current running one where one can win Hopper LD then not only would the price on the card drastically drop but well probably also see a lot of complaints. The price dropping isnt a concern but Ive been one hit KOed one too many times by Kolos whether a beginner was using the card or not. I can assume that the board will be flooded with complaints about the new found might of this card to the point where the cardll probably be banned from tournaments. And really, whats the fun in having such a card if you cant use it?

offline American Dude Colossus  
Friday 05/08/2011, 01:08

I want one but i doubt ill be able to get one

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 05/08/2011, 01:44

Probably going to be worth around $100-$200 if it's a Bowen / Kotobukiya type of statue.
Would have been epic if Ray was standing face to face with Kolos on that diorama though to create a Chuck versus Godzilla effect.

offline 4evrafterlife Novice  
Friday 05/08/2011, 02:05

Well as so many people want this and there will only be 1000 i predict this will be extremely expensive for a figure it would prolly be cheaper to buy enough clintz to get 6 kolos

offline -Mell- Imperator  
Friday 05/08/2011, 02:07

You actually think this is a good idea making 1,000 toys?
Focus more on UR Cards and evening the clans out, not making little toys in attempt to boost profits,
the majority of us are adults not kids smiley

And to make it worse you've made kolos price raise far too much T_T

@Force Majeure
If that is going to be the price $100-$200 (£50-£150) then instead of buying a toy,
Why woudnt we put it towards credits instead?

I just think this idea is a stupid one

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 05/08/2011, 02:26

@ Mellio

The $100-$200 is jut an estimate in comparison to Marvel's statue releases, the Kolos might even go cheaper.

It's all about what people define as a collectible or what they would value as a collectible. I am a comic collector and I came to a point where I spent more than $4,000 for just 1 comic book. And the book is even battered and not in excellent shape, even had a couple of small holes on the cover. I even paid $1,000 to Captain America's creator just so I can get him to paint a Captain America art for me and I'd do it again without thinking twice if he would allow it.

There are people here who might be action figure / statue collectors and would want to put it in their shelf or something to add to their collection. I think it's a good thing that UR would venture out and try something like this. The moment they released the T-shirts in the past I knew it was only a matter of time until statues or figures would come out.

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