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Friday 02/09/2011, 11:54

For his arrival in Clint City, Dobbs is offering a special deal on his Sakphone 24G. For every 3 handsets purchased, you'll receive a half-price membership to the Sakrohm and an authentic printed autograph from Guru Cr! It’s an opportunity not to be missed and we look forward to seeing you in thousands down at the GuruCom stores.
Dobbs Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with him. To get this character, you must unlock his last mission before October 2nd.

Friday 02/09/2011, 12:47

Finally a Sakrohm card not weak to SoA

Friday 02/09/2011, 13:06

Steve Jobs + Carl Sagan = Dobbs?

Friday 02/09/2011, 13:12

Carl Sagan is my hero. So glad this happened. I've been waiting BILLIONS of years for this. smiley

I now await a Richard Dawkins reference. smiley

Friday 02/09/2011, 13:26

Nice that a new ld is out, and from Sakrohm my fav clan but I have to agree with nintendan, the story could have been better for a ld and also, the card could have been a little better too, in my opinion there's a lot of competition for the 3* cards from Sakrohm.

Friday 02/09/2011, 13:47

The first mission dosn't show up as unlocked in the box on the left of the screen intill you have started it and even then it dosn't change intill you reset the page or go to a different page.

Friday 02/09/2011, 14:19

Think of the cards he can replace easily 7 solid power 4 decent damage and his bonus is protected this i def an elo worth ld card which i what i think they may be after

Friday 02/09/2011, 14:40

And once again UR comes through with easy missions that can be done in a day, i guess they dnt like us to have a challenge anymore

Friday 02/09/2011, 15:11

Only use is elo ;(

Friday 02/09/2011, 15:35

What is a gurucom store and what' does half price or signature mean

Friday 02/09/2011, 15:37

Can u plz make a Ulu Watu one im so waiting for it but it


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