offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 02/09/2011, 11:54

For his arrival in Clint City, Dobbs is offering a special deal on his Sakphone 24G. For every 3 handsets purchased, you'll receive a half-price membership to the Sakrohm and an authentic printed autograph from Guru Cr! It’s an opportunity not to be missed and we look forward to seeing you in thousands down at the GuruCom stores.
Dobbs Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions associated with him. To get this character, you must unlock his last mission before October 2nd.

offline - Jenny - Senior Code of Chivalry
Friday 02/09/2011, 20:42

Lol nice comment Igraff....80 life points in survival?!?! even if i used jungo...still a lot!

offline morshu the shop Hero  
Friday 02/09/2011, 21:41

I personally like that the sakrohm now hav a protection:bonus card. 7/4 ain't half bad for a 3 star and I find it rather amusing that his final level resembles Steve jobs.

offline Meelosh Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Friday 02/09/2011, 22:44

"Protection: whatever" is the 2nd worst ability/bonus in the game... The only thing worst is having no ability/bonus at all smiley

offline theKFCguy Imperator Great White North
Saturday 03/09/2011

Another recopy of a card

offline L8DICUSY6QI03 Senior  
Saturday 03/09/2011, 01:12


offline (WP)_Ace Master  
Saturday 03/09/2011, 03:28

This is totally a spoff off of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.

offline Lynyrd_Bird Novice the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 03/09/2011, 05:49

LOL,seemed that Ngrath,Sigma,Uranus,Murray or even Nata is Not enough

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 03/09/2011, 06:38

I don't get why you people are complaining about this card. Sakrohm have two vunerabilities in particular, those being Soa and Sob. Sob damages a lot of their cards as Piranas can afford to over pill with their pill abilities and Nightmare have power reduction to overpower them, its a downfall. This card will 9 times out of 10 force a Sob player to pill twice just to get past the 7 power and 8 attack. The other weakness is Soa, Sigma Murray Uranus and Ngrath are eaten alive by it, Nata is good against Soa but against anything else and she is pathetically underpowered. This card is good against Soa, 7 power and solid damage of 4. He is a wall and takes on any ability so give the guy a break.

offline AtlusFan Imperator  
Saturday 03/09/2011, 10:05

Hmm, he looks alright. I love how each part of his artwork is him at a different age, and the final art is him as he looks now. In terms of his stats, I agree with Mr. Intelijent, I like that he's got Pro: Bonus, and personally I'd consider running him in a deck. A lot of the flak he's getting seems a bit unfair, I mean, at least he's not Oryon! THERE'S a 3* that's bad!

Also, just because a card doesn't have an ability doesn't mean they're bad either. Look at Lovhak, Noodile Cr, or Wanda! They do reasonably well without any abilities! Also, no ability makes SoA effectively dead, since it wouldn't do anything, so there's tons of ways it can be a good thing!

offline ilv19 Imperator TRiNiTY
Saturday 03/09/2011, 10:54

If I'm not wrong, the point of Ld missions are to give players a chance to WORK for good cards. Not buy.
Its a way to reward players (not necessarily new players) who don't have money or don't buy credits...BUT play the game and play the game A LOT.

The old mission really won't apply to these guys cus if they were poor they wouldn't have or afford most of the cards needed to achieve the mission. Cards which usually increase by at least 2x more than the usual price.
Just go to Candy Jack's or Spycee's page and see the spike in their year graphic and you'll understand.

But this new mission aren't following the purpose of the Ld missions talked about above. Because it of 2 things.
1. The cards aren't good. They're "only" decent.
2. The missions cater to much the new players instead of players overall.

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