Tuesday 20/09/2011, 12:41

Shall we open a thread dedicated exclusively for posting the big winnings and losses we all had and still have, and will always have; with this infernal machine?smiley
Big winners, please post here with a screenshot hosted in tinypic or elsewhere (no, tinypic is not paying me anything. smiley )
Also please post useable statistics regarding what you think is the investment:return ratio and the probability of each of the objects appearing in each column (that is for advanced statisticians).
Let's have a go and see whether there is any point in playing it, or we can gather enough information and then approach the developers with improvement ideas. Thank you all. smiley

Thursday 06/09/2012, 00:54

It's not just the house that benefited. Interestingly enough, age-old UR players did as well.

This change from tombola to slot machine means that even less CRs are being distributed. Old, powerful Crs have skyrocketed in price, and this change is partly to blame. Wealthy UR players that are sitting on multiples of DJ Korr Cr continue to chuckle in glee, while relative newcomers like me now have almost no chance at all at ever grabbing a powerful Cr.

This means that less strategies will be available to me, as a player. Less game modes will be lucrative. I no longer have a 1/10,000 shot at finding a great surprise waiting for me when I log into UR on any given day. What I have instead is a slot machine with a jackpot worth a fraction of a big CR, that no one ever seems to win.

I'm very surprised more people have not been outspoken about this. It is another change that gives old players an insurmountable advantage over the new.

Thursday 06/09/2012, 06:05

@ ghelas - your assuming those old players didn't take advantage of those new players just as much when tombola was out. Every single person I know who was under level 25 who won that.... and there was alot... mostly french.... had sold that DJ Korr or Guru within minutes after getting it for a substantially less sum and they sold them to who?...Rich people, that's right, the only people who could afford to pay a few mil worth of cards to get one even valued higher. At least now players have a chance to win something back and it promotes guilds and guild points for getting extra tickets. And now we have the CRs that are distributed via dts of 5 everyday which is alot more then 1 for a lottery. Obviously you can't always have your cake and eat it too. If you want the slots to go your prolly gonna run into the dt CRs being gone. Personally I prefer that the winners of CRS at least show some skill and to me UR has done that. It really just comes down to if you want to get rich nowadays you gotta be smart regarding the market, very good at playing or just really Lucky. smiley
* Or be one of those uber rich ppl who started on the first day prior to release who already had the best CRs.

Thursday 06/09/2012, 06:57

@ Bilabongtv:

I'm not assuming anything, I'm just stating some facts.
Before the change, I (and you, and every other legitimate, hard-working player, I'm sure) had an equal shot at a good Cr. There is nothing that offers an equal chance now.

I, along with many players I know, don't have a consecutive hour to spend on DTs every day... What makes it worse is that it can't be *any* consecutive hour -- there are designated start times for DTs. We can't all afford to schedule our day around a game. That puts us at a serious disadvantage against people who have more time to play.

I simply don't believe that success in this game should be determined primarily by who has been playing longer or who has more play time. The tombola helped level the playing field just a tiny, tiny bit... And now it's gone.

Thursday 06/09/2012, 13:50


Isnt that in every game that the no lifers rule.
And for the new players, the slot machine can get them some clintz everyday, and not a small chance on very much.

Friday 07/09/2012, 04:30

Hmm, it looks like my message didn't go through... Maybe I should try to paraphrase it in a slightly nicer way. Now, where did I put that halo?

Here goes. smiley

I think it's bad when the rules of any given game give advantage to the no-lifers rather than the skilled players. Over time, that results in a stagnant, potentially elitist community, where new players are likely to feel alienated. I think it's in UR's best interests to do as much as possible so that intelligent casuals and intelligent newcomers can succeed.

Anyone who agrees on that point will also agree that more access to strong Crs, which are pivotal in certain modes = good. A casual player like me, or a newcomer, may not have the time to grind to top 10 in DTs on a daily basis for a shot at a good Cr... But the tombola provided a valuable glimmer of hope.

Friday 07/09/2012, 08:19


Sunday 09/09/2012, 23:22

hmm.. so do you understand about lottery?
you will get 1 free ticket everyday
every time you hit the last number correctly, you will get 100 clintz

yes, same thing with slot machine
we never heard someone saying they won 250K, or even 10K. from my experience, only few times 1K after hundreds (I don't know, even thousands) of tickets
we can assume they get on average 15-30 clintz

I think it gives more benefit than slot machine
they will get money if they are Lucky (1 out of 10, from number 0-9)

I don't see any point in slot AT ALL (no one gonna sell their cards for slot ticket right?)
that's sucks
I really like lottery, it gives some hope for us mortals to get a good Cr
and it keeps me excited for very long time, sometimes I can get 700 clintz per day, sometimes 100, or just the anticipation of getting a Cr
they call it "excitement of anticipation"
it made me coming back every day. entered the lottery, looked for cheap useless cards that I never bothered to buy (so I can sell it to kate and get some tickets. I know you might think I am crazy to sell cards to kate, but that's how it works at that time)

is it gonna be a pleasant surprise for me today?

let me quote a blogger about disney land
It starts before you even leave home, and it continues all through your trip, even days after you arrive.

or let me change it:
it starts when you buy your cards, and it continues when you entered your tickets, and even the time when they draw the winner

Monday 10/09/2012, 02:16

"This change from tombola to slot machine means that even less CRs are being distributed. Old, powerful Crs have skyrocketed in price, and this change is partly to blame. Wealthy UR players that are sitting on multiples of DJ Korr Cr continue to chuckle in glee, while relative newcomers like me now have almost no chance at all at ever grabbing a powerful Cr."

haha? Not true at all, there are multiple ways to get crs and the more powerful ones from ELO, DT, and staff sponsored events. If players are passionate enough, I am sure they can gain the playing experience to get a "powerful CR" in one of those various game modes.

Monday 10/09/2012, 02:17

100% agree with Tanto... That's a big part of what I've been trying to say. Quite frankly the tombola made the game more fun, while the slot machine does not.

I could do more testing to try to figure it out, my results so far suggest that the odds of a CR win from tombola > the odds of a 250k win from slot machine.* And some of those CRs were worth many millions of Clintz...

With those kind of results, the slot machine just does not generate anticipation.

*On a slow tombola day, roughly 10k people played, not all of whom played with the max number of tickets. Between me and the rest of my guild we've easily spun over 30k+ tickets with no jackpot wins. That suggests the odds are A LOT worse. Another way to put it is; if the jackpot prize has any kind of attainable odds, we would see at least 1 winner in many big guilds by now. So... where are they?

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:32

The chances of winning a Cr in the tombola was way less then the chances of winning 250k on the slot machine and you win more clintz on the slot machine then the tombola which is why im happy with it. smiley


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