offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 25/11/2011, 11:44

The Sentinel Clan gains a first class recruit: Valentina Ld has turned up and won't be stopped either by the corrupt police force or the criminals. She’s lost an eye fighting for her beliefs but is more capable than ever and is determined to hunt out evil in every nook and cranny. Help her accomplish this challenging task by completing the missions assigned to her!Valentina Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before December 25th.

offline SaphiraJFire Guru  
Friday 25/11/2011, 15:29

I tried whole time every day I am not a solid player and never did reach lvl 5 in survivor mode for the uppers, your crazy to do this again.
I saw some post sayin was easy took me 20 mins tops well good for you your not me are you.
Missions should not be unattainable its just not freaking right.

offline SaphiraJFire Guru  
Friday 25/11/2011, 15:36

You are making these cards to fast btw Idk it seems a new one is out every week almost I am tired of doing the missions its to much to fast spread them out a little 1 a month or how about 1 ever 2 months idk so freaking many it seems at the same time.
At this rate everyone will have the cards might as well have them in the store for sale.
If they were spread out more you would of had to play idk in jan to get *blah* card now it will not be out again for a year or so. make them harder to get and way more anticipated. I used to get excited for LD card now I groan and its like omfg not again.

offline holidomelarry Titan  
Friday 25/11/2011, 16:36

How to unlock the first mission?

offline Vultaren Veteran  
Friday 25/11/2011, 17:01

@SaphiraJFire, you can use whatever deck you want and both types of Survivor to get the 5 wins. You don't have to stay with the LD's clan, that way its a bit easier for players, but not so easy that their just handing the cards out, which they really are

offline 0 Alin Colossus 3LO MA$T3R
Friday 25/11/2011, 17:10

Is it just me or was this survivor mission the hardest? Rooms packed with mirror packs and a lot of games decided by coin toss situations smiley

offline Whitedragon11 Eternal Limit Break
Friday 25/11/2011, 17:12

@SaphiraJFire really?!? lvl 5 in survivor is "unattainable"? When I first started I used a simple Rescue deck and reached 7 easy. With everyone using Sentinel, just use a GHEIST/Nightmare deck, and you should be fine. Also if two weeks is just not enough time for you between lds, just don't worry about them.

offline -Mentoc- Eternal  
Friday 25/11/2011, 18:32


In your first post you complain about it being too hard to obtain and then in your second you complain about it not being hard enough?

It seems to me you're just another player complaining about a FREE and OPTIONAL feature that the UR staff has provided for us.

offline jester4u Guru ELITE NATION
Friday 25/11/2011, 20:23

Ok u shouldn't be putting other players down when they admit that they aren't that good of a player first of all and second of all i agree with saphirajfire about the ld missions they are putting them out pretty quickly they use to make them like 1 a month or ever other month that sounds fine or 1 every few months that would be more better then every few weeks a new one comes out there is no point in it really except new mission oooooo!!!!!!!! spooky they can do that with any card of the cards and like she was saying they are pretty much just handing the cards out with the rate of the mission are being put out its pointless to even try except to get the missions done with and that can be done with regardless with the card just make them happen like they have been doing any ways u know they even come out with characters just about every week as well when they used to just come out within certain amount of time like every month maybe a little lesser then that i been playing this game for over a year

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Friday 25/11/2011, 21:33

I rather like the current Ld release rate. Always looking forward to each release and earning a new card.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 25/11/2011, 21:44

I like the one per 2 weeks, but they could release them on random days of the week, like with Scott Ld the last time.

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