After years of all kinds of trafficking, Edd has decided to expand his business and is off to explore new horizons. Blaaster is also leaving town, hoping to find a place where loud music is more socially acceptable. Expect to see them make the odd appearance from time to time, but Clint City is now officially two citizens down. So if you’re looking for an apartment in town, be sure to take a look at the ads on the Market! From Monday, December 12th, Edd and Blaaster will no longer be available in the shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal. Sales of the two characters on the market will be blocked until the morning of Wednesday, December 7th.

offline Skittish Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 13/12/2011, 01:31


you have some interesting theories, but to start with i would like to say that both edd and blaaster were both staples in whatever deck you would make from there respective clans. And blaaster could be said to be an OP card.

As for vortex they have only been out for a year, they wont be due a cr until next time, but th en again i believe UR are trying to trick everyone, so most likely it will be an unsuspecting vortex, or something completely different, like a berzerk?

Either way i made a killing on Edd going cr and hopefully i will do the same when globumm is made into a Cr smiley

offline fisheatdog Imperator Organized Konfusion
Tuesday 13/12/2011, 01:59

I don't know if anyone pointed this out yet, but Edd and Blaaster are from the same release.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 13/12/2011, 02:27

On thin ice here boys and girls... lets not be wandering over to the "next CR" discussion on i sense a thread lockdown smiley

offline Legacy PH Senior Face Everything And Rejoice
Tuesday 13/12/2011, 13:45

Heheh.. thin ice.. smiley

I'm not even starting yet on Cr specs..


more than 50% is happy with this Cr release. It's a news enough to shut mouths.

@Skittish again congrats. What a Christmas for you smiley
It's as if you've one a tombola/ELO..

five times...


better ban Arno

offline GrimmSpooky Hero  
Wednesday 14/12/2011, 09:30


That was a very precise explanation. I mean really, bravo.
Albeit there is always a little ghost to every machine, but it's still a machine none the less. Endlessly trying to fulfill it's function. Making money.

I sort of mean this in all kindness UR.

offline jman444589 Hero  
Thursday 22/12/2011, 16:29

Now all we need is the don 2 go cr so we don't have 2 worry about getting a link when we don't want it. Like 4 some my words in this comment. Any1 agree talk about this 1.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Friday 23/12/2011, 02:14

I agree with skitish on that UR is trying totrick us. This was the first year tey did 3 pairs of crs

offline eqwee Novice  
Saturday 24/12/2011, 10:13

Fain o am pe lola noelsmiley

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