offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Friday 23/12/2011, 10:59

He only just managed to escape from the deadly jaws of the fearsome Kolos but now he’s back and he’s not happy! Interviewed by Clint TV before setting out to attack the prehistoric monster, Travis Ld simply said, “He shouldn’t have messed with my bus!” But before reaching Kolos he’ll need to fend off a host of adversaries and he’s counting on your help to do that!Travis Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before January 22nd.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 24/12/2011, 02:45

@URhunter, when you look at his description it sais kolos crossed HIS path, ergo it must be a man

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 24/12/2011, 02:47

And he kinda has a beard, so...

offline DUC-pwnage Titan Dutch Urban Crew
Saturday 24/12/2011, 09:39

@tititoro So do Nanastasia and Ashley smiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Saturday 24/12/2011, 14:42

And i think he is a bus driver

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 24/12/2011, 17:04

@2f pwnage, well ashley is a guy disguised as a girl/trani, and nanastasia is a freak... I'm pretty sure if this were a girl, UR would have more hints that suggest it... You know, in illustration and in description

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 24/12/2011, 17:24

But getting off that topic, i too would like the missions to be harder. In addition to fealing more accomplishment, i always saw lds as a sense of a trophy. You can't just buy it, you have to earn it. If the missions are really easy, then it shouldn't be treated as a trophy, it would just be a card with no more a purpose than the rest. For dudley ld, i recall a mission that had you do tons of damage with candy jack. A card we no longer wanted, was ready to get us a better card. Pretty good if you ask me.

offline kazjun Titan aussie crusaders
Sunday 25/12/2011, 05:10

But doesn't having character specific cards end up being "buying" the Ld? Cause I remember the first runs of those Ld's, and they were full of market speculation and massive inflation about which cards would be involved. Sure there were some challenge with the missions, but frankly for those without big collections, the only real challenge was getting the cards you needed for the missions.

Which comes down to buying the Ld. And cutting out large portions of the playing population as well as excluding beginners. That's no good for the game in my opinion. If you want trophys, maybe look at getting Cr's instead. Much more exclusive. Could also go for some missions for Cr's as well.

offline sigma88 Hero  
Sunday 25/12/2011, 08:48

Ok, this may be a really stupid question but this is my first time trying to do a legendary mission.
The second and third mission require that i remove my opponent's pillz or win pillz. However it does not say that i have to use a Junkz character on either one. So does this mean i can use let's say Archibald from La Junta to complete the mission? Or are all these missions, regardless of whether it's been stated or not, require that specific clan to in order to complete towards the mission?
Has anybody ever tried to use a different clan to complete missions 2 and/or 3?

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 25/12/2011, 09:13

"and Nanastasia is a freak... I'm pretty sure if this were a girl, UR would have more hints that suggest it... You know, in illustration and in description"

Right....and having a bio that says she is clearly a girl isn't enough information? "Legend has it that her pregnant mother was trampled on by a bear and its hair broke through the skin and stuck to the poor little girl. "

offline Grapple X Colossus THE_POWER
Sunday 25/12/2011, 12:38

@Kazjun - When the missions included characters like Ghumbo, Blaaster (though before he went Cr) and Oshitsune, then yeah it was restrictive. However, Candy Jack, Timmy and Kristin all had specific missions and they're very accessible cards. Something which used Cell, Endo, Sandy, etc etc would be quite welcome, to be honest. Gives new players a bit more of a level playing field by increasing the chances of them encountering cards of the same calibre as they're using, and gives experienced players a bit of variety and a chance to use their collection more.

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