offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 17:12

Hello all,

We made a series of interviews between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. These interviews persuaded us to complete a project we were thinking about for a long time: the setting up of a cards rotation system.

Right now there are 800 cards in the collection and it’s already too much for the game to run smoothly. The players who have all the cards always use the strongest of a clan and even if it makes them win matches they are frustrated not to see more variety. For their part, the beginners have to face a huge collection and they often feel quite lost.

We want to create a list that includes only characters released in the past two years (+ leaders and starter characters) and change several rooms which allow players to only use the characters in this list. We won’t impose this list in every rooms because our goal is not to stop you from playing the oldest cards, for example the DM T2 and Survivor T2 won’t change at all even if names will be different.

Let’s see what will happen in detail:

1/ Create a list of characters called «Standard» which will be updated every 6 months:
This list will contain Leaders, Starter Decks characters, all characters released within these last 2 years before the update (LD included) and characters which will be released after the update.
In practical terms it will give about ten characters allowed in each clan (with more or less the same number of characters in each level). Note that the new clans will keep all their characters. It will be taken into account in the cards releases planning. We will act as to give each clan what they need to be efficient.

2/ Creation of 3 new deck formats:
Extended Format: all characters allowed, no doubles, 40 stars max., equivalent to T2.
Standard Format: Standard characters only, 40 stars mac., no doubles.
Standard Format 25: Standard characters only, 25 stars max., no doubles, list of characters banned if it’s needed (for Leaders for example).
Note that the T1 format disappears.

3/ Finally, create or adapt battle rooms:
The Standard battle room : Standard Format with a DT every other hour.
Instead of opening a less than 26 stars (T1) room and a more than 26 stars (T2) one, you will have one single room BUT you’ll face opponents whose decks have a number of stars close to yours. This mechanism corresponds better to the reality of DTs today where every players try to find the good combination which will give the most points while winning matches with 20 to 30 stars decks. Merging the two rooms will allow you to keep this optimization spirit without the «artificial» side of the stars limitation. This flexibility combined with the Standard format will give a breath of fresh air to DTs while keeping specificity.

This room will be the ONLY DT room. There won’t be any T2, T1 or ELO Daily Tournament. We know that it’s not harmless and it was a very difficult decision to take. Some of you struggled a long time to obtain very expensive collectors which allow them to improve their results in DT and their disappointment is understandable. Nevertheless, DT’s today are clearly dominated by some decks not to say several highly efficient cards which is not healthy in a competitive game mode.

The ELO room: Standard format 25 (with potentially some bans), same rules except that there won’t be DTs in this room any more.
Use the Standard rules in the ELO mode sounds quite obvious to us. It will allow some regular changes to the mode and it will remove old characters which cause balancing problems. It should reduce the number of staff banned characters and no more characters banned by players.

About DT, we think that the ELO mode is pretty different from the DT. There is no reason to mix these two game modes. Today, ELO players have the opportunity to win free credits without playing in DT. Tomorrow they’ll have to choose between Dt and ELO which is already the case for players playing in other modes (Survivor or DM).

3 Deathmatch rooms:
Extended DM: Extended format, current DM rules.
Standard DM: Standard format, current DM rules.
Standard DM 25: Standard format 25, current DM rules.
The Extended DM will be equivalent to the current DM T2, only the name will change.
The Standard DM will allow players with big decks but with characters in the Standard list. The DM T1 will disappear and we’ll add a Standard 25 room. We noticed that the rare players in DM T1 were more ELO players than DT T1 players. We hope that the Standard DM 25 will be more used than the current DM T1 room. If it’s not the case, we will think about it. If there are DM T1 players here who are reading this message and don’t want this change to Standard DM 25, don’t hesitate to let us know.

3 Survivor rooms.
Extended Survivor: Extended format.
Standard Survivor: Standard format.
Standard Survivor 25: Standard format 25.
Same idea as Deathmatch.

And the rooms which won’t change:
Fight Club: the deck you want.
Warehouse: Training.
Warehouse no pillz: Training NoPill

offline E10din Imperator  
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:05

What i want to hear is more of an explanation of this change from an actual Admin. Daigon and RG have done their best, but when it boils down to it they know the same amount that we do about these changes.

Also if this is being done to help ease the newer players entrance into the world of competitive playing, it's gonna do just the opposite. right now, because any number of decks are competitive, it is 100% possible to build a competitive elo deck for less than 10k, without LD's. Now this change is going to punish newer players twice, rather than help them.

1. LD's are going to play a much bigger role, and if you didn't get the LD, you're, for lack of a better word screwed

2. Clan staples that are in standard are going to remain at inflated prices so long as they are standard legal. if a card is necessary for one of the major meta decks, odds are it's going to be expensive. Lets look at the MTG example again. It's perfectly possible to build a deck that isn't that expensive, but it won't be the best. In order to have the best the meta has to offer, E.G. Jace the Mindsculptor, you need to shell out ridiculous ammounts of money. is the card necessary to play? no. But does it increase your odds of winning? Significantly so. This will do much of the same thing

(for those of you who didn't play during the JtM era of MTG, he went for roughly $200 per copy).

TL;DR This change is ultimately going to hurt the people it was made to help.

offline Ecna Senior  
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:12

Besides, making this won't really solve anything - just change which cards are the most priced ones. Also, by eliminating variety you'll make a couple "working" decks among many "not working", making it even harder in ELO to make a cheap deck. Right now it's not a problem to make a ~20k deck (i.e. with Roots, Uppers, Rescue or Montana) and be succesful, because of variety of effective decks. With only a handful of working decks however, every effective deck will be pricey.

P.S. One more thing about the packs and the number of cards - if there's too much of them, get rid of all those old, 2/5, 4/4 no abilty cards. Maybe make them all CR, I don't know. This way it will be easier for newcomers to obtain useable cards in packs.

offline badbigwlly Titan BrainZtorm
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:12

The current formats are given a new criteria based on time and adjusted to be identified as Extended Format (all cards) and Standard Format (2 year rotation on cards). It is then split based on star count (this is what I am used to) to introduce Standard Format and Standard Format 25 in addition to Extended Format but there is no Extended Format 25 (which I would like to see and was suggested by 0-Jade). Then there are separate game modes (DT, DM, Survivor and ELO) and rooms based on that and the format being played.

Its acknowledged that Extended Format 25 is not popular in DM but that does not seem the case with regards to DT and what about the possibility of a Survivor Extended Format 25 battle room? The DT game mode is adjusted to exclude Extended Format and Extended Format 25 battle rooms in favor of a single DT Standard Format battle room and does not even include Standard Format 25. At the same time, the jackpot is lowered for that room (cause the rewards were based on participation of players in T2, T1 and ELO battle rooms). Then the DM and Survivor game modes are given their own Extended, Standard and Standard 25 rooms but the ELO format is ignored and left with one Standard 25 room much like DT's Standard Format will be except with nicer prizes smiley Please consider restructuring prizes with these changes to the game formats.

Also, this feels MTG'ish as E10din said. Question: Will there be card re-releases for Standard Formats?

offline ravvel Hero  
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:14

Well, sooner or later this had to come, every TCG needs some refreshing at various points in time, bringing good and bad things with it.

The card pool has really become enormous, a lot of cards can't really be used, other could be used but are not, because we have older staples that receive all the attention.

Overall I think it's a necessity and in the end it will be something very good for the game, keeping it fresh for old and new players alike.

With that in mind we shall pass through some difficult times. The staff will have a hard time balancing the new formats, I believe that there will be a number of changes made to this initial rules, some even from suggestions of players.

From a distance, the number of playing rooms seems a little too much, there may be some confusion for newer players and a separation of players that may not be beneficial. But that remains to be seen how it will be received by players and maybe improved in time.

From the card pool perspective, I'm talking here mainly for ELO, as it is my specialty smiley , there will be some crazy times. Many clans will become quite weak and newer clans maybe too strong. There may be some bans in the newer clans to help weaker clans, until we will have some new editions with key cards for each clan.

offline ravvel Hero  
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:15

The new cards will have to be "spot on" for each clan, in order to re-balance the format, not by copying old staples but by offering solutions to what every clan will lack, with careful consideration this can be done over the course of 2 months or maybe more, from the moment the changes will be implemented

Overall, I am looking forward to this, and it will be a real test for the staff and the players alike smiley but take my word that we will soon have a better, more balanced and more enjoyable game smiley

Good Luck, Have Fun !

offline E10din Imperator  
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:15

Also another issue. there are some clans that are consistently under represented in releases (roots). if a clan has a single bad release they could be potentially weakened for 2 years, give the stagnancy of the format. the reason this works for MTG is the ability to release an abundance of new cards in a very rapid manner, a luxury that UR simply doesn't have

offline IM_Hookienoop Colossus Immortality
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:17

I gotta say, this will probably ruin the game for me and I'm sure a lot of other people, specifically elo players. This ruins the ability to be creative while making an elo deck. Instead, this forces people to have to use the same 10 characters for each clan

offline ravvel Hero  
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:19

@ post 57, nowadays people are forced to use the same 5-8 characters from each clan smiley because older staples make some of the newer cards useless. even if the card pool will be smaller there will be more balanced cards for each star level and overall a greater variety in decks

offline IM_Hookienoop Colossus Immortality
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:23

I agree with everything ANON has said so far

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 23:32

I love how everyone is commenting like it's going to make a difference, there doing this if you like it or not lol.

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