Wednesday 25/04/2012, 13:10

Join up today why you may ask well we are a long running,well rounded fun guild to be part of smiley

what incentives do we offer

.regular fun events
.great guild bonuses like free tickets and bonus clintz as our guild is currently level 17
.awesome active guild message board

so what are the requirements to join

.understand and speak english
.active on guild message board
.likes joining guild events
.level 20+

interested go ahead and apply smiley

offline -Archael- Veteran  
Friday 08/06/2012, 22:41

Im afraid I have to dissagree gamble seeing as once you die you are fully and completely hades' property smiley

offline CoR{Chronos} Master  
Saturday 09/06/2012, 00:44

Sooooo, we havin' a war?

@sly We already did that before ; P (me, Gharath, Hades, and KaiserDemon), but we had teams tho. This was at the start of the guild.

offline xZurk Hero  
Saturday 09/06/2012, 22:37


tO my former and beloved guildleader of past,

If there was a guildwar between the TEA/CoR we would totally rock you all.smileysmiley TEA is great for alot of things, but CoR trumps TEA in everyway except total members.

With that said, I would be really interested in a friendly competition between our guilds in the future! smileysmiley smileysmiley

@Hades: Your my biatch and I own u...don't forget it! smileysmiley


CoRnuts (xZurk, aka theRealZurk)

offline CoR{Chronos} Master  
Sunday 10/06/2012, 16:28

GUILD WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAMBLELORD, YES OR NO?

offline -- Hades -- Veteran Bedroom Of Darkness
Sunday 10/06/2012, 20:50

ZURK! YOU WISH! smiley smiley

offline elhassan Senior THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Saturday 23/06/2012, 22:37

Best guild ever

offline Storm Lord Senior THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Saturday 30/06/2012, 23:20

Nice Guild you got there Gamble Lord, Hope to join your guild smiley

Lets ROCK this game till it falls apart !!!

offline Snakebite559 Guru Pacific Rim
Tuesday 10/07/2012, 23:28

Great Guild, Lots of people that are welcoming and will pretty much help you with any endeavors you may have for the game! Good luck and just remember, it's a game so try to have fun with it smiley

offline -- Hades -- Veteran Bedroom Of Darkness
Wednesday 11/07/2012, 23:10

No reply from the bossman lol

offline willawonks Master Comfort In Sound
Monday 23/07/2012, 05:28

Hi. May I join The Explosive Elite? Am very interested in joining up with your Guild. Thanks!!

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