offline EchoScar Master  
Sunday 20/05/2012, 13:00

Three times in the last daily tournament the game has lagged and made me time out, saying my internet connection is bad. But every other site works just fine as this is happening.
Is this really my internet's fault or is it server or something? I got to top third three separate times but I don't know if I made it back up again after that last time out. I just want my credits smiley

offline Jellal_Fds Titan Vicious Salvo
Sunday 20/05/2012, 20:22

Have a look at how consistent ur internet connection is. If it varies from high to low speeds over seconds i find that it does the same. so check it on speedtest before you play.

offline shoebox Imperator  
Sunday 20/05/2012, 22:43

Been happening to me more often too. Claiming it's due to poor connection is sad, this is the age of high speed internet, not dial up.

offline azkika Hero  
Wednesday 23/05/2012, 17:52

I've been having this same problem. It's ridiculous. It's the game, half the time I time out seconds after the round begins.

offline shoebox Imperator  
Sunday 27/05/2012, 15:18

Switching back to the old game mode seems to have helped a lot with this problem.

offline ELMThawinner Hero  
Monday 28/05/2012, 12:58

So there is your problem

i make my move 15 seconds before time elapses
it takes five seconds to load my option IF it loads at all.sometimes its just as i didnt make any move
plus if you make a move 3 seconds before time elapses the time runs out before validation

thats awful and ridiculous

offline EchoScar Master  
Tuesday 29/05/2012, 03:00

@thawinner, thats EXACTLY what happened smiley

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