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Thursday 24/05/2012, 11:42

The bad thing about CCG's is that they take it to an 'extreme' point during their reign. Wheather you're physically holding the cards or having them digitally, it's all the same. It's such a shame that every single game repeats exactly what starts to bring it's downfall. That is, the ALL POWERFUL CARD(s) that makes the strategy of the game itself as pointless as a flip of the coin. MTG, SWCCG, LOtR, Wars, etc.. I've played them all, and they've all met their doom. (with exception of MTG - they just 'ban' cards from tournament play.) I'm talking about the few, BUT prevalent card(s) that dominate the tournament scene. The ones that bring JOY to the one that have them and dread to the ones who find themselves playing against. The cards that can be ULTIMATELY used to COMPLETELY decimate your opponent with one hit or to used as a pawn to get your opponent to use nearly all of their pillz to stop it. Then setting up the next few turns to EASILY vanquish your opponent.

Now, those that use these cards will say things like, "You can easily counter these cards by using this and that" or "play in ELO" or "you just don't have the strategic mind to overcome them." etc etc etc. If i use a flame thrower on a bunch of monkies and later say that could have easily beat me if they were "more strategic" is a very BOLD and ignorant statement coming from a titan who has an overpowering GOD complex, but surely doesn't prove they are more "strategic" at any proven point.

The point is that when i joined into this card game, i thought it to be balanced. But when you cater to the babies with 'one-hit destruction decks' or 'lock down-type decks' etc. you start to lose the other part of your customers. The REAL strategic minds of deck building, if you will. You will start to lose money because the new fan base will start to realize that they cannot compete with these 'gods of power' who ONLY leech onto this game in order to feel like they're somebody by demolishing an opponent whom has no chance. In the long run you have only those who appreciate these 'cheap' types of deck building and stay until there's only a few left. Therefore, it becomes "such a shame" that promising games like this always end up dying a slow death simply because of cheap cards that eventually ruin the game.

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Thursday 24/05/2012, 13:12

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