offline - DoO - Legend UTOPiA
Friday 06/07/2012, 02:50

Yop. Thx for allowing this. I've been around here since ages and never posted a thread like that before. Not because i don't care, but because i know that what i'm gonna say will only harm and not change anything. In the past, there were ultra cards realeased (such as Caelus let's say) but there is no comparison with this. I have a simple question :

Is Kalindra gonna stay around in elo? Are we serious? I completely disagree with the creation of the clan and especially this card, but whatever, who cares. Allowing it in elo though, is at least hilarious. If you wanna make the ELO mode ONLY a game of luck, you're much closer (though there have been already received too many decisions to that direction, but nevermind)

You know people have 4 cards. Now with this thing, Kalindra, who needs the other 3? you have a 10/16 (don't tell me you will have trouble getting revenge) with fury if the opp has no soa/sob(which is ultra hard, because you gotta have 2 soa and play 2nd, or 3 soa and play first to stop it). Where ''stop'' = 10/8 stats for it. Do you think it's normal? Do you think that the elo restrictions go along with this thing?

This is hilarious. Remove it.

offline Icarus Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 06/10/2012, 08:23

"ELO is supposed to be the most strategic mode in the game"

kalindra cutey kenny cr azel karrion gretchen eddie oflgn

i like it
elo was very stable before

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 07/10/2012, 17:08

Heh, I would still like to see a bit more of a reasonable response regarding cards like this...

People agree that right now, ELO is a little 50/50, but you know what I think would fix it? Cards like Kalindra and Spyke! These cards prevented the first turn all-in or all-bluff strategies with cards like Greem, Azel, etc. Their biggest weakness was SoA... SoAs biggest weakness was, in turn, clans like NM and Skeelz. There were reasons to run decks of either of those 3 types, reasons to mix these clans in whatever way you thought was best, and reason to watch the meta game and just try to counter-comp the most popular setups of the week. Now you see many people try to load a deck up with 50/50 win cards and CoB, instead.

There will always be power creep in UR. If people freak out about cards that seem OP without taking the whole game into consideration, they just limit ways in which 50/50 setups can be countered.

offline Sad- Veteran E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 07/10/2012, 17:52

"ELO is supposed to be the most strategic mode in the game"


offline Signomi Titan D-Versified
Monday 08/10/2012, 10:24

Why does UR release these brokenass cards in the first place, they play the game too so they should know if it's broken or not...unless they intended them to be broken...I hope that's not the case.

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Monday 08/10/2012, 11:40

@Signomi Ld:

Kalindra's ability was meant to be "+1 pills per damage" before the staff nerfed her at the last minute. She still turned out overpowered, but at least they made the effort. Spyke, eddie and beeboy I think are just the staff overcompensating for weak clans.

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