Monday 13/08/2012, 15:59

What is the best deck for DT? I'm talking the top of tier 1, with all the best cards of that clan.

Tuesday 14/08/2012, 01:16

Uppers , Montana , Sentinel and Rescue do naturally well in dt since they're so easy to use and have some really nice 2hko options. But its not too hard to do well in dt with other clans.

Tuesday 14/08/2012, 19:47

There isn't a very very best deck out there, but it is probably something along these lines:

Mon classique..

Keep in mind, if you want to actually win a DT, you're gonna have to try for a very long time. It's extremely rare for people under level 50 to win tournaments.

Tuesday 14/08/2012, 20:43

That is a 23* deck, sometimes it's hard to find opponents ot you will get the same opponents over and over. Try something between 27*-31*.


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