offline richard.tater.9 Senior - RaW Talent -
Monday 10/09/2012, 17:51

I'm looking for a Guild that is helpful to new players, also looking for a guild that sells off useless characters to players that don't have them. I will be looking at the guilds before I join them. I'm level 12 if that helps. Just started about a week ago, but I have a good grasp of the game, though not strategy. Hope I can be a useful addition to your guild. Thanks for yout consideration.

offline xxAraneusxx Master  
Tuesday 11/09/2012, 12:21

Hi richard.tater.9! I'm xxAraneusxx; founder of guild:1812991. I love Comics. So I decided to make a Guild for people who have the same interest. We are a new Guild looking for new members. We are looking for active players who want to try and build the guild they're in. If we are something you're looking for, we invite you to check us out.

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