offline EzalorM Titan Face Everything And Rejoice
Thursday 13/09/2012, 19:04

While I am currently leveling up my cards (Heegrn Cr). I had accidentally included him to the list of sellng.. I was planning to sell tatane for 158 clintz. And i forgot that i had click heegrn cr (since i had leveled him max). so when i click sell he was included.

suggestion can we have a popup saying that "oops dude the lowest market price for this card is 14k and you are selling it for 158 clintz" are you sure you want to proceed?"

luckily a very good , humble samaritan was the one who bought my card (FOFPRINNYDOOD)

and message me.

"hey, you sold Heegrn Cr for 158 clintz! i suppose it was a mistake... just let me know if you want it back"

then he did sold me back my heegrn cr for 158 clintz.. i didnt realize that there are still an angel in this world.. thanks to him i got my card back.

anyway i cant find any forum category to post this suggestion thats why i posted it here. I guess this is also a warning + a feature suggestion improvement for the game.

offline EA-Tabz Veteran Elysium Aether
Thursday 13/09/2012, 19:48

Yeah he is very kind

offline Carnage_Time Imperator D-Versified
Thursday 13/09/2012, 20:18

There is a feature like this. It says you are selling the card for too far below market value. At least i get a message similar to that.

offline Blue_Muffin Master  
Thursday 13/09/2012, 21:29

Its possible that since you sold it in bulk with a bunch of lower costed cards, it didn't catch and thus didn't show the warning.

offline EzalorM Titan Face Everything And Rejoice
Friday 14/09/2012, 10:14

Ic. But i think its much more better that the system loops on all the cards in the bulk and prompt if there are cards sold in lower prices.

BTW Thanks for the info sir Carnage and Blue

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