[RECR] Legends Empire marching forward :)

Friday 28/09/2012, 23:31


Hey guys, me and my friend just started a new guild.

We looking forward for new members, but not too many since we're planning to create elite guild which will be a group of people that rust each other and so on.

Main idea is to make as many clintz as possible also through pfulilng cards and strictly have fun :)

Apply if you interested.

Saturday 29/09/2012, 03:00

Legends Empire

Good luck. :)

Saturday 29/09/2012, 13:12

@Thanks Poisoniss

There is only 3 rules :

1. Have fun
2. Be nice
3. For any problems contact Zhurgy or me.

〈〈〈 Fun ☆ Justice ☆ Support ☆ ALL ☆ The ☆ Time ☆ Guaranteed 〉〉〉

Like my friend said, Apply if you interested.

Sunday 30/09/2012, 14:17

Still looking for awesome members, let's make a clear del, for next 24h lvl 20 is enough to get in ;)

Sunday 30/09/2012, 16:31

Please recruit me , I am an active player . I usually play 4 hours a day , and I have plans for my growth . so I will be able to reach to that level soon enough . I had another id in this game , but because of lack of experience I wasted so much clintz and credit so it wasn't good anymore . that's why I created this one to play better .

Sunday 30/09/2012, 16:48

Sure - Welcome

Tuesday 02/10/2012, 18:14

Still recruiting + we got 2 jackie and 5 Edd Cr avaible for borrowing (something like guild bank) :)

Thursday 04/10/2012, 20:04

Guild bank opened in future we will add more expensive cards, and for sure make events

Forum activity is going pretty well, Join if you like


Sunday 07/10/2012, 12:16

Another great news is that we got our first lottery for our mmebers :)

Legends Empire Welcome Lottery 07.10-21.10.2012

Prize draw will be done by 1 of Urban rivals moderators and i'll copy his pm and will send prizes to winners.
*** In order to recieve prize, i guess you need unlocked private sales
(atleast 1 complete survey or credits purcharse)

Lottery start : 07.10.2012
Lottery finish time : 21.10.2012

Good luck to all of you

Regards mr7eveN & 0 Zhurgy

Thursday 11/10/2012, 16:54

Wanna be a part of ultra active guild? Then we got place for you :)


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