offline Boing Legend  
Friday 12/10/2012, 11:39

Ladies and Gentlemen, a wave of depression is about to hit our city! Bikini Joe Ld is back with his tricks, his terrible tricks, so terrible they'll reduce you to tears. So, if you have the misfortune to attend one of the shows of the world’s worst clown, be sure to bring your hankies along!

Bikini Joe Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before December 16th at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 12/10/2012, 12:26

@kontamusse: He should have a mission. His card page says: 0/1 missions (0/25 pts). Its just not showing up on the mission list.

offline kem7 Novice  
Friday 12/10/2012, 12:56


offline Cooldude197 Novice THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Friday 12/10/2012, 13:34

@MetalSnake182 no i think it is every two weeks

offline Hula_Daisy Legend Immortality
Friday 12/10/2012, 14:21

The Release Of Bikini Joe Ld is Perfect as The Freaks Bonus would help with the Inflict 1,000,000 Poison Damages mission all you need it to use Bikini Joe Ld and Hula for The Nightmare Clan

offline adel.muse Senior ♚ Darkness Resurrected ♚
Friday 12/10/2012, 18:32

Nice day

offline Steven_344 Senior  
Friday 12/10/2012, 20:41


offline theKFCguy Imperator Great White North
Saturday 13/10/2012, 02:55

Is anyone having trouble getting points for the third mission smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 13/10/2012, 13:19

@theKFCguy: here we go again lol. (unless this isn't the problem). To complete the - Life missions you need to use a card whos ability/bonus is - ? opp life, min ? e.g berzerks.

offline Rift120 Legend  
Saturday 13/10/2012, 14:01

Grah! Stupid jerks who put all theri faith on their first move and when it fails quit the battles! Making it very tough to get past mission 2. We really need some serious penalty for ppl who quit or time out after the first round.

offline Steel X_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 13/10/2012, 23:18

There's a typo in the 3rd mission ("Where the hell is that damned rabbit?!" would be correct) ... and I can't see Bikini Joe's individual mission although it says "0/1 missions (0/25 pts)" on his page smiley.

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