offline Censodent- Titan Furia Tricolore
Thursday 20/12/2012, 22:58

How on the title, i want to sell or exchange the following cards:

100 Tuck (66 0exp, 34 full) 3,2k/cad
4 Beeboy 2full,2 0exp 16,5k/cad
15 Cutey 0exp 2.9k/cad
15 Shifou (10exp 5 full) 5k/cad
2 Kalindra 0exp 80k/cad
20 Dr Falkenstein 0exp 2,8k/cad
9 Jean 0exp 3,4k/cad
20 Scopica 0exp 6,5k/cad
5 Rolph 0exp 8k/cad
90William vari 0exp 1k/cad
5 Beef full 6,3k/cad
9 Lola 0exp 11k/cad
13 Norman 0exp 2,4k/cad
7 Taylor 0exp 13k/cad

Lamar Cr full 610k
Miss Twice Cr full 300k
Tanaereva Cr 280k
4 Caelus Cr 3 0exp, 1full 150k
Cassio Cr full 105k
Seldnor full 90k

The transaction will be made by the secure exchange. Trading by mp for those interested.
Thanks mods.

offline ZEPHYRIM Hero  
Friday 21/12/2012, 00:56

Trade u robb cr for ur 4 beeboy and 1 tuck

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