Thursday 20/12/2012, 22:58

How on the title, i want to sell or exchange the following cards:

100 Tuck (66 0exp, 34 full) 3,2k/cad
4 Beeboy 2full,2 0exp 16,5k/cad
15 Cutey 0exp 2.9k/cad
15 Shifou (10exp 5 full) 5k/cad
2 Kalindra 0exp 80k/cad
20 Dr Falkenstein 0exp 2,8k/cad
9 Jean 0exp 3,4k/cad
20 Scopica 0exp 6,5k/cad
5 Rolph 0exp 8k/cad
90William vari 0exp 1k/cad
5 Beef full 6,3k/cad
9 Lola 0exp 11k/cad
13 Norman 0exp 2,4k/cad
7 Taylor 0exp 13k/cad

Lamar Cr full 610k
Miss Twice Cr full 300k
Tanaereva Cr 280k
4 Caelus Cr 3 0exp, 1full 150k
Cassio Cr full 105k
Seldnor full 90k

The transaction will be made by the secure exchange. Trading by mp for those interested.
Thanks mods.

Friday 21/12/2012, 00:56

Trade u Robb Cr for ur 4 Beeboy and 1 Tuck


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