Friday 01/02/2013, 11:21

That is the call of a monkey-man who swings from vine to vine through the jungle, the call of Krazan Ld! But unfortunately for him, in the city, the street lights and high rises have had to take the place of the vines and trees… Yet another challenge for Krazan Ld, who's back in Clint City to prove that a monkey-man can manage perfectly well in an urban environment!
Krazan Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before April 7th at 11.59pm (GMT + 2:00).

Friday 01/02/2013, 11:34

More missions. smiley

Waites for 40 KOs smiley posts.

Friday 01/02/2013, 12:18

Still waiting for Futoshi Ld

Friday 01/02/2013, 12:37

40 kos.. Eh, that's kinda boring. Why not "Win 40 fights by KO with at least 2 Roots in your hand"? Or the last one as "Win 60 fights with at least 4 Roots in your hand"? To mix things up a bit.

Friday 01/02/2013, 13:10

@ Fapfap
Futoshi is probably 2.5 months away. Here are the probable Lds that will come before Futoshi.
1. Jungo : Hopper Ld
2. Ulu Watu : Liana Ld
3. Frozn : Tiwi Ld
4. Montana : Bella Ld
5. Fang Pi Clang : Futoshi Ld

Friday 01/02/2013, 13:12

The mission for this card is difficult.. and it needs plenty time to get this card.. but i'm wondering why other players already have this card.. for less than 2 hours?time boing posted the message.. 4:21 today.. just a matter of 1hour 30 mins... WTF... plenty people knows how to manipulate this game... unfair for those players who are spending plenty time playing UR....

Friday 01/02/2013, 13:14


Friday 01/02/2013, 13:40

Finished 40 K.O's smiley

Friday 01/02/2013, 14:06

The taste of the banana ... really smiley ?

Friday 01/02/2013, 14:24

@XC Zinfrid: its nto so much manipulation as this is the 2nd? 3rd? time Krazan has been earnable. so a fair number of players have his card from prior chances, and are doing the missions now for the Credits.

*Wanders off to grumble about KO missions and jerks who who timeout and quit. and WHEN will the UR staff fix that annoyance.*


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