offline _Solomon Titan TemplarZz ✠
Saturday 09/03/2013, 02:30

Not really sure what is THE best?
I am a bit confussed with THE first 2
Daily bonus and more xp during a fight.

O gave 3 points on THE second one but cant notice Anny diffrence
Am i missing somthing?

Thanks in advance

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Saturday 09/03/2013, 04:40

If I'm right, more XP won during fights do not refer to battle points, but rather, the XP points earned for your card to develop into the next level... In other words it helps your undeveloped cards to level up faster smiley

offline _Solomon Titan TemplarZz ✠
Saturday 09/03/2013, 09:13

Omg xD oké thanks! Anny more on what THE first one does then?
Now im confused lol.. Even in my own languege i cant follow it annymore :s

Thanks in advance

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Saturday 09/03/2013, 18:59

More BP (personal leveling goes by faster)

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