Wednesday 01/05/2013, 16:22

In my previous guild i maxxed out guild points of thw week stilll my points used to increase for some reason so can somebody pleasse explain , i also wants tips for how to get more guild points

Wednesday 01/05/2013, 16:26

Win = 12 Guild points
Lose = 3 Guild points


My best record is maxxing out activity in 5 guilds in a week.

Wednesday 01/05/2013, 16:28

There's two separate meters to fill. The personal gauge, that is capped at 1200 guild points per week, and the guild's one at 36000 points per week. If you max out on the personal gauge but there's still room in the guild's one, they count towards the guild's total points. Likewise, if the guild is maxed at 36000 points and you're not at 1200, you can still play for your own points. Basically they are filled the same way, but they have no link between each other.

Thursday 02/05/2013, 16:32

Thx guys smiley really appericiate your help

Thursday 02/05/2013, 16:40

Also 1 more question : my personal gauge is filled whichis capped at 1200 points per week but my guild is at max level (2smiley so the guild meter dosent fill cause its at max level so i can fill infinte guild points per week ?

Thursday 02/05/2013, 17:06

It doesn't fill and you can only get 1,200 points a week.


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