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Hell is a place of punishment after death, a state of spiritual damnation. In religions and mythologies that separate the dead according to their conduct in life or the purity of their souls, the good go to heaven while the evil go to Pandæmonium, the capital city of hell.
We are a family of warriors, witches, magicians, wizards and assassins who accomplish the prophecy-stole souls and kill everyone who isn’t one of us!


~Required level 40+
~Must speak English.
~Must remain active.

-Primarily, we're looking for competitive players but this is not a requirement. We'll be happy if you're just a good talker!
-We also prefer it if you use the newer game system as we frequently use the in-game chat to communicate.

We're not all talk, we ARE an active guild looking for new recruits that want what we have.

And because I find it import that everyone stays active, I'll reward the top 3 most active players per month with 10K each. smiley


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