offline Red Rob Colossus  
Thursday 13/06/2013, 19:33

I want to trade my 0 xp Vickie cr for Ombre cr or Dwain cr and clintz to fill the gap.

Pm me if interested.

offline AssoDiCuori Titan UNION OF THE SUPREMES
Thursday 13/06/2013, 20:06

How many clintz?

offline Red Rob Colossus  
Friday 14/06/2013, 09:48

Depending on the collector you offer. Still searching.

offline elite cr Novice URBAN MADNESS
Friday 14/06/2013, 17:53

Sigmund cr full + marco cr 0exp

offline Jester Gloomy Titan  
Friday 14/06/2013, 19:48

Price vickie cr?

offline Red Rob Colossus  
Friday 14/06/2013, 23:11

490 K I value Vickie but open for negotiation.

@Elite, Sigmund and 80K would do the job.

offline WildBandana Veteran  
Saturday 15/06/2013, 01:11

400K smiley

offline - Charles Hero  
Saturday 15/06/2013, 04:35

5 Page cr 0xp + 10k cash ? smiley

offline Red Rob Colossus  
Saturday 15/06/2013, 08:55

No interest. I am looking for some non playing Cr (around 200K till 400K) and some clintz.

offline rumbletug Guru  
Saturday 15/06/2013, 14:09

I have 2 cassio cr's which i would like to trade. also have some clintz and some other cards that i'd like to trade. if you're interested please send me a MP =)

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