Saturday 15/06/2013, 16:00

As the question said, do you think so? And why? Is it getting any better?

I've looked back in several major english guilds and have visited quite a few and notice major inactivity. Many of them have a great history. Question is, are we declining in population too?

Saturday 15/06/2013, 16:10

What are you talking about? Everyday's great at Urban Madness~
....Whoa there, this is not a guild ad.

Personally, I can't tell if we have lesser players in the EN section of Urban Rivals, maybe the "forum regulars" scared them away?
Though I've noticed that 35 EN players that I met in 2010 have left the game. And Coliseum always feel like a wasteland...

Saturday 15/06/2013, 16:14

Strictly from the perspective of the forums? Hard to tell. They don't seem to be as active as before, but between the smaller language communities being introduced and forums being categorized differently, it could just be an illusion.

Our guild? Lot of the people migrated to FR for one reason or another. Some have too much on their plate and gave up playing. One brainiac had a kid and those take a ton of time to look after. So yeah, at least we for one are on the decline.

Then again, nobody's recruiting people, so it's our own fault?

Saturday 15/06/2013, 16:18

Declining,reason-too much sloppy and no brakes,think oil and no friction. This what happens on edge of mountain.

Saturday 15/06/2013, 16:45

To be honest, a similar fourm topic a while back has statistics to prove the general UR community is decreasing.

One of the main reasons why UR is decreasing is because there isn't much inflow as there were when l joined. It's only natural that the old players will leave sooner or later, besides UR is like a never ending game.

Saturday 15/06/2013, 17:22

Sadly, I think this is the case. UR needs a big boom of some sort.

Saturday 15/06/2013, 17:30

So you finally realized UR was declining. Don't expect anyone, including pei to be here 5 years from now.

Saturday 15/06/2013, 17:31

Including pei

Saturday 15/06/2013, 17:33


Let me just say the whole statement again.

"So you finally realized UR was declining. Don't expect anyone, including people who come daily,to be here 5 years from now.

Saturday 15/06/2013, 17:42

Yes...Proof? Just look at the En CC qualifier. We had to borrow players from other communities just to reach the minimum ...


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