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Monday 17/06/2013, 11:26

The event starts on the 24th of this month.

The Seven Deadly Sins

16 players will be randomly accepted into the event. Every week after that another 16 players will be accepted (for another 3 weeks, total of 64 people will be accepted).

You will then have 1 week to play the first "sin" (Moe2000) in ONE match. Anyone who does not play Moe2000 in 1 week will be eliminated (unless screens are shown). You then have 3 weeks to play the remaining bosses.

If you win you advance to the next room and so on...

Each room has a different format so be ready! Prizes will only be given to those who reach room 6, 7 AND beating everyone.

If less then 6 players beat all 7 bosses then the "SINS" will in the jackpot. If not the jackpot will be split between those for got the furthest (including beaten all).


7DS - Gluttony - Room 1
7DS - Pride - Room 3
7DS - Envy - Room 4
Get to room 7DS - Sloth - Room 6 = Alec Cr
Get to room 7DS - Greed - Final Room = Ambrose Cr
Beat all bosses = Lao Cr

Prizes do not add up!
7DS - Hellzone - If you lost and want to have another go, join this. It costs 5k. You only get ONE more go at this.

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Wednesday 26/06/2013, 17:34

Still a few places left, the second wave is on Friday smiley

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