Tuesday 16/07/2013, 10:46

Hey everybody,

Some of you seem to miss all of your missions. We are very sorry about it, and will of course restore them. Please post on this topic if this is your case. smiley

Tuesday 16/07/2013, 10:58

I don't have this problem, but I will use this thread to make a suggestion

you now the '10 latest progress' window on the homepage?

please, PLEASE make it having also NB missions, because somehow they are not showing there, even though being done properly what is reflected on the main mission page

the Ld missions show up there, why no NB?

Tuesday 16/07/2013, 12:02

Because all but 6 of the missions are expired and therefore have no place in the active mission list? Since the newest ones appear on it.

Tuesday 16/07/2013, 12:27

Well, I didn't know that, I never spend clintz on newest release

but after unlocking the mission it's expiration date doesn't matter theoretically

anway I believe something can be done with that, would be great if that worked

Tuesday 16/07/2013, 14:42

Please keep this topic clean for people experiencing the issue described above. smiley


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