offline M4Rc0_T Titan TrAitorzZz
Sunday 28/07/2013, 21:41

For Sell or Trade I have the following Cr's
All are 0 xp!

Marlysa Cr
Selsya Cr
Kreen Cr
Kenny Cr
Ombre Cr
Rhed Cr
Alec Cr
Dragan Cr
Jackie Cr x2
Heegrn Cr 40x

Looking for reasonable offers. Full Cards or for lots of Frozn.

offline Red Rob Colossus  
Monday 29/07/2013, 11:23

Good luck Marco!

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Monday 29/07/2013, 11:50

Please write the price that you want to sell you cards for smiley

offline XC-MeRLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 29/07/2013, 12:48

If you wanna take a friendly advice, just dispose the Heegrns in another 6 months and hold onto everything else, especially Marly and Dragan. smiley

offline -Levi Guru  
Monday 29/07/2013, 14:45

2 jackie+Alec Cr + 11 Heegrn Cr for my Elya Cr ? smiley

offline -Levi Guru  
Monday 29/07/2013, 15:12

Elya Cr is 0xp smiley

offline -Levi Guru  
Monday 29/07/2013, 15:13

Or 10 heergn is perfect xDD

Jackie Cr for whole Frozn clan?

offline Jester Gloomy Colossus Magic Urban
Monday 29/07/2013, 18:56

Value 30 Sah Brinak 0xp & 41 Ayah 0xp smiley ?

offline Cyber Moderator E X C A L I B U R starstarstarstar
Monday 29/07/2013, 19:02

Why Merlin no give me friendly advice? smiley

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