offline WCF-MrVictory Legend  
Monday 29/07/2013, 18:52

gatuchicha (left 63xp)

Dieter (left 1xp)
Dolly (left 1xp)
Dreadlash (x2) (left 1xp)
El Kaktus (left 1xp)
Goldie (left 1xp)
Ice Jim (left 240xp)
Melluzine (left 1xp)
Murray (left 1xp)
Nanastasia (left 1xp)
Onyx (x2) (left 1xp)
Plunk (left 1xp)
Ralph (x2) (left 1xp)
Rudy (left 1xp)
Thomson (left 101xp)

Aniki (left 3xp)
Eliska (x3) (left 3xp)
Sai San (left 3xp)
T47 (x4) (left 3xp)

Adler (x3) (left 2xp)
Estalt (left 2xp)
Hugo (left 250xp)
Simeon (x4) (left 2xp)

offline Cyber Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 29/07/2013, 19:02

Buying and selling of pfull are not allowed. Sorry.

edited by Cyber monday 29/07/2013, 19:02

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Clint City, day.