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Monday 05/08/2013, 05:29

My issue relates to the friends feed. I simply do not understand why we are subjected to censorship on our friends feed due to fear of blacklisting if what we say is deemed inappropriate. The friends feed is an entirely separate entity to posting on public forums and presets etc. If you don't like what's on the radio or the t.v then turn it off, same with the feed, you can simply remove from your friends list. It's not like here where everything posted everyone can see. This is why it is unfair for it to be punishable by BL since you have no control over who sees your feed and they have the ability to remove you at any time they feel it is excessively inappropriate.

Now you end up with people using the feed as a stalker app to try and trap people they don't like into getting a BL or a ban. Even more petty they can rate down all your presets, follow you into events to try and harass you, even add the same people you talk to to try and turn them against you. All this while being on your personal BL too. This makes it easy to bully, harass and generally be a nuisance.

The solution is simple, an optional word filter like that on XAT and a friend system like that of facebook where only the people you add can see what you post. I'm amazed that this issue has not been addressed, as it would save everyone a lot of headache. The players wouldn't have to feel threatened, there would be less BLs and less time taken from moderators.

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Monday 05/08/2013, 06:18

I didn't even know that this was HAPPENING, let alone becoming an issue.

But you are going to have to give examples, because if you're talking about things like curse words and standard banter between players on the feed, then I quite agree with you, blacklisting a player for these reasons should NOT be happening. If anywhere else, its somewhat more understandable, but NOT on the feed. Like I've known players get blacklisted for simply calling someone a 'noob' via PM (which is ridiculous), but this word is used as common as conjunctions on the feed.

But I can TOTALLY understand the reasoning behind it for EXTREME cases, such as MAJOR cyber bullying, serious racism, inappropriate sexual content e.t.c e.t c I fully support players being blacklisted/perm-banned for these sorts of reasons. There ARE some players that take it too far and the feed starts looking like one of those Youtube conversations gone very nasty. No, its twisted, this is a game and many minors play it, even though, yes, its actually the MINORS that are making these kinds of comments on the feed anyway.

Like I said, you need to give examples first, but if you want the feed to be somewhere where ANYTHING goes, I can't agree with your solution. And therefore, the best solution would be to take your inappropriate conversation somewhere else, XAT (which you mentioned) for instance.

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Monday 05/08/2013, 06:26

Also regarding rating things like presets/events negatively, I've been against this for years. I've always said JUST have a positive button and get rid of the negative one, that way either players vote GREEN or don't vote at all.

Regarding following players into events, there's no way around this. You just IGNORE them. And if a player really IS harassing you, then you simply report this player.

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Monday 05/08/2013, 06:43

Manfred and Char have been BLed multiple times for stuff on the feed. One time Manny was BLed for making fun of a profile picture. As for players taking it too far on the feed, like I said, it takes less than a second to remove someone. An optional word filter would also be very useful, so that players like myself who don't care about profanity and use it from time to time have the freedom while those deemed to be too young have it in place as well as those who are anti profanity.

As for those who rate down presets, I have seen people do it and even say rate down this preset etc. I'm not a snitch so I'm not going to name names but it is a regular thing. As for people who who spread gossip behind people's backs again I know of a few instances where this has happened.

The use of an optional filter and a system like that of facebook would seriously improve the game. There is no logical reason for someone you don't want seeing what you post to be able to see it. The exception being moderators or Admins in the case of someone being reported.

I mean it's one thing if someone is harassing a player via pm, but on the feed you have the power as to who you see. So to punish for cussing on that isn't fair. BL should be there for people going out of there way to be an unwanted problem for other players. Not simply because one person doesn't like them so they add and stalk them until they slip up and drop a 4 letter expletive on the feed.

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Monday 05/08/2013, 07:16

I 100% agree that players you've blacklisted (I personally don't have any) should NOT be able to see what you're posting on the feed. It DOES seem, currently, totally backwards to me.

You say Manfred making fun of a profile picture is unfair, it depends what he said of course.

But sorry, Manfred and Char (much as I love them smiley ) :are some TERRIBLE examples smiley These two players continuously endeavour to push the boundaries that Urban Rivals has laid out. There's a clear line and (Char especially) will go out of his way to cross it, just to cross it. I don't know ANY of the instances in which either of these players were blacklisted, so I can't comment. But suffice to say, I'm not that hesitant to ASSUME that their blacklists were nothing but JUST CAUSE. So, a shame, but can't complain. In-fact regarding Char, I'm ALWAYS surprised he's not blacklisted more often smiley. Like if tomorrow someone tells me he's perma-banned, I would not exactly be shocked. I'd miss the SquirTROLL though, he cracks me up.

As for or rating presets/events/anything negatively, yes, its a foolish system and unnecessary, in my opinion. As for conglomerates getting together to rate things down, well that's just sad isn't it. Gossip is gossip, I greatly dislike it but its gonna happen irregardless, nothing you can do about that.

As for players going out of their way to get other players blacklisted, again, that's just sad. But not a great deal you can do about it. Believe me, I'd know.

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Monday 05/08/2013, 08:14

I hate you ikki, you didn't include me

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Monday 05/08/2013, 08:14

You can't judge them based on previous history, only on the current matter at that time. The Manny situation he used no profanity and it was in a back and forth discussion. I'm not even one of Manny's cheerleaders but I just think that situation was wrong. I don't remember exactly what he said but it was along the lines of I'm laughing at your picture etc. While Char can at times be a bit excessive, he's a troll, most of the people who have him added accept that and we just take it how it is, with a grain of salt. I'm not talking about what he says or does in PM or public forums etc just purely on the feed. If 90% of the people don't have a problem then why don't the remaining 10% just remove him or if we had the option he could make it so they couldn't see what he posts?

What I'm saying is I in particular don't want to be babied. I'm old enough to be able to decide for myself what I want to see or what I don't. Likewise other people here are too. Simply because there are younger people here doesn't mean we should be treated the same. That's why I encourage the optional word filter so the people have the say in what they see or not. At least a system that means we decide who views our content so we can feel safe without prying eyes or people aiming to harass us.

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Monday 05/08/2013, 08:24

"As for players going out of their way to get other players blacklisted, again, that's just sad. But not a great deal you can do about it. Believe me, I'd know."

There's not much you or I can do but the higher ups can do a lot. For starters the privacy settings should be introduced to make it so only people you add may see your posts. This means they can't sit there looking for reasons to get you BLed. Also stops them from rating down presets and events etc.

An optional word filter could handle the rest by giving those who wish to be profane and read profanity the ability to and those who wish not to can avoid it. Essentially making everybody happier. This has been done on XAT so it is definitely possible here with a little updating and programming.

This would clear up a majority of the issues regarding BL. It would mean people could know the boundaries a lot better and be able to communicate freely with friends. I mean right now the friends feed doesn't really have a friendly feel when you have to watch what you say because this person might be watching or that person might take a screenshot and send it to them.

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Monday 05/08/2013, 08:52

' I don't remember exactly what he said but it was along the lines of I'm laughing at your picture'

Probably not much to go on here, but if that's all he said, then yeah, that's probably not a blacklistable offense. Something tells me it went further than that though. Or, rather, I wouldn't be surprised if it went further than that.

'You can't judge them based on previous history, only on the current matter at that time.'

Not judging them at all, but in Char's case, its 'that time' all the time smiley Even now, typing this, I'm seeing Icarus and him trolling the feed with something smiley

I accept the fact that he's a troll and I use more salt than a sumo wrestler with him, he's hilarious. Incredibly annoying at times, most immature person in all of Urban Rivals, but hilarious. But you can't accept other players, Moderators and Staff and everyone alike to accept this when he goes too far, that's the point. And therefore I can't blame the other parties for his constant blacklists. Nobody should and especially not Char himself. The same can be said for Manfred.

So, agree on the 'prying eyes' that shouldn't pry. But there IS a line and its quite simple, if you don't know where that line is (or you do and you ignore it) then chances are you'll be blacklisted. And that's fair enough. I agree that the tolerance for what happens on the feed needs to be UPPED (if it is as you say) but if you want it to be something as free as the comments section of Youtube, then you'll never get your wish.

I 100% agree with the privacy settings idea smiley

Word filter is pointless IMO, more often than not its NOT individual words that are the problem, its words combined with other words that IS smiley

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