offline Teo_Cr Guru  
Monday 05/08/2013, 15:39

Hello everyone!I have an idea how to improve Ur smiley
Once a year the players should vote a card to be cr.This card should have missions like the Ld's have.Then the first 200 players(the number can change)do the missions win this card.
How me idea look?
Comment and tell your ideas smiley

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Monday 05/08/2013, 16:11

Aside from char's mexican catapult idea, this has to be the worst idea I've personally seen. I'll break it down:

The Greed Factor: the element of randomness of cr's isn't just for fun purposes, it's also to eliminate the greed aspect involved. If people were able to vote on which card could become cr's, then they could massively stockpile them and make a killing.

The Rumor Factor: albeit I don't know why, the mods have a strict "you are not allowed to voice your opinion on which cards may or may not become cr's" thing on the message boards. If something like this came into fruition, I can almost guarantee that the amount of rumors would significantly increase.

The Fun Factor: lack of surprise equals lack of fun, plain and simple.

offline Teo_Cr Guru  
Monday 05/08/2013, 16:32

You're right but i didn't write something.
The stuff would choose 10 cards for the vote list and until the players make a card be cr the card the stuff chose for the vote list they will not allowed in the market

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Monday 05/08/2013, 16:34

Thus making certain game mods (elo being one of them) incredibly annoying for people who don't have full collections during that time.

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