offline MrSlurz Titan Heaven Destroyer
Friday 02/05/2014, 16:49

I want to sell 1000 Aleister 0xp for 1M cash.
If you want to leave an offer contact me by private message.
I need only cash.

offline 0 NaeNae Imperator  
Friday 02/05/2014, 17:57

Lol 1mil

offline MrSlurz Titan Heaven Destroyer
Saturday 03/05/2014, 15:17

If you're not interested don't write in my post smiley Thanks

offline Shanks Guru Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 04/05/2014, 01:41

I think you may be asking a bit much just some friendly advice.
however if you want to drop that price over 50% we can talk

offline MrSlurz Titan Heaven Destroyer
Sunday 04/05/2014, 13:26

Count how many Aleister under my price there are in the market (2-3?). Is not an high price for 1000 Aleister lot. I can drop price, but not over 50% sorry.

offline -Dxxx- Senior  
Sunday 04/05/2014, 18:56

550k not more

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Sunday 04/05/2014, 19:47

It doesn't work like that mrslurz

someone would make their own thread if they wanted this many instead of paying more than double to you... good luck

who wants 1000 aleister anyways smiley

offline 0 NaeNae Imperator  
Sunday 04/05/2014, 19:53

Lol 1mil

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