offline 0 Spycee Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Sunday 04/05/2014, 22:33

I'm looking for there collectors :

>Heegrn Cr [10k]
>Sylth Cr [45k]
>Kenny Cr [65k]
>Kalindra Cr [160k]
>Nahi Cr [175k]
>Jackie Cr [200k]
>Selysya Cr [200k]
>Tanaereva Cr [265k]
>Melissa Cr [335k]
>Sigmund Cr [540k]
>Elya Cr [550k]
>Lamar Cr [580k]
>Vickie Cr [590k]
>Splata Cr [800k]
>Tessa Cr [840k]
>Dragan Cr [850k]
>Lao Cr [875k]

I have for trade cards :
33x Crassus 0xp [8,5k]
18x Bryan 0xp [8,5k]
7x Gertrud 0xp [7k]
47x Greow [5k]
73x Wonder Lana [4k]
etc... (check my current sales)

I have for trade collectors :
Geuner Cr [90k]
Seldnor Cr [93k]
Cassio Cr [94k]
Diyo Cr [95k]
Skullface Cr [230k]
Jim Cr 220 xp [240k]
2x Miss Twice Cr 0xp [280k]
Reine Cr 0xp [330k]
Aldebaran Cr 0xp [840k]
NDololo Cr [920k]
Flavio Cr [990k]

Old cards :
Chikko Cr 0xp - No. #2170 [your evaluation]
Chikko Cr 0xp - No. #20501 [your evaluation]

0 Spycee

offline TaguX Novice Open Casket
Monday 05/05/2014, 00:15

I don't understand that of nº 2170 and 20501

offline SPT rozzo Colossus Spaghetti Tricolore
Monday 05/05/2014, 09:19

You have a PM spycee smiley

@tagux : he has two very old chikko cr (number 2170 and 20501) , so among the very first cards of the game , considering that now we are at number 431958490 (around this )

Chikko number 2170 should have a higher value for collectionists, that's why,

Hoping to have helpd, i wish you a good day smiley

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