offline Zee Deveel Master  
Wednesday 14/04/2010, 10:39

This is a thread where people can list their top five favorite clans(leaders not included). If you want you can give a description of why u like them.

1. La Junta - great damage and high power (also their half of my first deck so im a bit biased)
2. Gheist - great bonus and great theme
3. Skeelz - bonus makes them (and their abilities) almost impossible to stop
4. Ulu Watu - awesome bonus that makes them almost impossible to beat.
5. Jungo - cause its bonus messes with my style (almost as much as Montana's does but not enough to make me hate it)
I don't know much of all the clans so pls forgive my list if its a bit nubish smiley.

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 09/08/2017, 21:59

My list includes:

1. Pussycats: This is the first clan I every started investing in and have worked hard with. Love the minus damage making it hard for your opponent to 2HKO against you.
2. Riots: One of my biggest flaws in the game is that I often find myself pilling heavy! This clan corrects for my mistakes especially with cards like Grouchy and Grace as potential low starred heavy pillers!
3. Raptors: There is nothing more that I hate than playing against attack manipulation clans especially when you would have won the round had the attack manipulation would have not gone into affect!
4. Sentinel: One of the my favorite clans due to its heavy hitting power. With cards like Earl/John/Melvin as huge 3* game changers, it really makes it easy to play these guys in T1.
5. La Junta: This clan was hard for me to put down on this list. This clan used to be my go to in Tourney mode and I had some of my most success with this deck. However I rarely think about this clan as options. Would love to give them a shot again in Tourney!

offline Yurieu HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 12/08/2017, 14:45

1. Vortex

Great story, great bonus, balanced cards that are hard to play to maximum effect.

2. Pussycats

Amazing bonus thar controls the match, Lois Ld is my bae.

3. Berzerk

Love how you play them, they are simple, solid and straight to the point.

4. Frozn

If your opp doesn't tread lightly vs frozen, you stomp them. Frozn is a great clan that keeps your opponents guessing, it's easy to read your opp when you play Frozn.

5. FPC

Has my favorite 2*s and 3*s of Z palace. They have a bit of everything and are strong in all zones.

offline T4KK Imperator  
Wednesday 16/08/2017, 19:48

1. berzerk - i love their bonus. compared to the other similar 3 clans, (fang pi clang, la junta, jungo) that also creates +2 gap when winning, berzerk seems weird for having a limit. but like yurieu hoa said, they are simple, solid straight to the point and cheap? plus im biased with sylvia. 3* 8/6 potential 8 dmg with bonus? yes pls.

2. skeelz - SOA? no problem, SOB? pls.. their abilities can only be stopped by soa and sob and those are easily evaded or overpowered. and andy ld sure is annoying as hell.

3. SOB clan - 1st choice to counter those atk manipulation clans. piranas, one of my oldest deck so far. tho i struggle to play the pill manipulation game.. i still love them. nightmare - home of annoying and OP abilities, i dont own a full deck, but i play them half whenever -opp life missions are up.

4. rescue - as much as i want to hate this clan because of blindly strategy of 1/1/7/7 pill usage, this clan is the 1st clan you will choose to play. mainly because your 1st set of cards are rescue.

5. pussycats - i mean who doesnt love a pu----, damage reduction. enjoy seeing your opponent's dmg become 1 or just getting healed by beaten malicia. oddly enough these girls don't like protection smiley

soon to be fave clan: raptors - these clan is quite new to me, and with the clan of hive and huracan (also new to me which i find more annoying than montana/rescue) this clan only has 1 goal. to beat the hell out of those clan.

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