offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Saturday 20/11/2010, 16:55

A new group of characters has just turned up on Urban Rivals - the legendary characters. They are not available in the shop and cannot be exchanged between players. There's only one way of getting hold of them and that’s by winning them! Each legendary character is linked to one or several missions that allow you to win them. But be warned, these missions have a time limit and you must complete the mission before the deadline is up to win the character. When there are no missions left allowing you to win a legendary character, you can still play for it. However, to make it available again, you must wait for a new mission to appear in which you can win it. The time this takes may vary. So, you haven’t got a moment to lose! Click here now to meet the legendary characters :

offline SimonW_UM Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 20/11/2010, 22:41

Because it is more fair...that's why. Don't be such a spoilsport, Mujen. lol. smiley

offline Parish75 Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 20/11/2010, 22:55

Love the idea. Great concept. Gonna do what I can to get them, but realistically going to be tough, because of the price of cards required. Ghumbo was expensive to start with, but now. Geez

I understand as demand goes up, that will send prices up,but I think that those that abuse the market should be dealt with. Players like Fou-Udayan who intentionally drive up the price by buying all the cards and charging a premium for them should be punished.

Last I checked he had 84 sells going. All Timmy.

Does this not qualify as abuse?

offline Gedly Serious Senior hitmanxxx Guild
Saturday 20/11/2010, 22:59

Does the missions for the LD cards base on missons that are already aviable?
i mean when a rescure LD card now comes out , could one of its missons be the already avialbe mission "make 75 kos with marco"?

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Saturday 20/11/2010, 23:01

Well.. this is annoying
you cannot complete the mission together
if I need to win KO with ghumbo, why can't I do it together with 100 times win in survivor?
that would make it less annoying that way

100 win with timmy, 50 damage using candy jack, and top of that 500 win using nightmare in survivor
I will not bother to get those "legendary" card (which is only average at best)
first, you need to play around 1000 games to finish all of the mission
you only have 1 month to do so
people are not stupid and can see the exchange between effort and card they will get
glad UR lower it

and, this makes every card that people use for mission (to get the legendary card) go up like crazy smiley
it makes the market unstable

offline Fatecalling Veteran  
Saturday 20/11/2010, 23:04

Lol.i think it is a nice featuresmiley

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Saturday 20/11/2010, 23:06

Have to say making them be done in order is going to be the main reason people wont bother with this (besides not wanting to spend their clintz or cards like candy jack). But really if you have to do for example the 20 rounds with oshitsune you can either buy 8 oshitsunes and be done with it in no time but waste tons of clintz or you can fight 60 matches and go all out every time you draw oshitsune. If you could do this one together with the ghumbo one and the survivor one. I would play in survivor with a nightmare deck and not be bored as easily as I would be now

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Saturday 20/11/2010, 23:07

Alreaddy on oshit mission smiley

@Tanto agreed.

I'm gonna try all mission but not really gonna try the montana one.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 20/11/2010, 23:10

Hi again,

As I said in the french boards, we cannot, technically, at the moment:
- revert missions if the battle is left.
- allow 2+ missions to be needed to unlock another one (hence, no first missions in parallele to unlock the last one).

However, we DO agree it would be some nice improvements, so we'll definitely look into it.
Also, we are going to try and improve the design of thoses legendary missions with the next legendary cards.

Please, give us some time to smooth everything out, we are very interested in all your comments.

offline The Feared Senior the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 20/11/2010, 23:28

Can you sell legendaries to Kate?

offline Bemmoth Titan  
Sunday 21/11/2010, 00:05

@Fraggle - a way to prevent people from abusing LW for missions, make them get a loss, or give them a negative rating for their fair play

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