offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 17:17


The moderators currently online have seen dozens of reports come in in the past hour. There is definitely something odd going on right now, yes. The admin staff is looking into it. I expect that it will resolve itself in a little while, but in the meantime, here are two quick fixes that I hope will help:

1) Go to, and make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed.

2) Clear out your internet cache. (How to do so depends on your browser.)

Log out, then log back in. That fixes most tech issues. If that doesn't help, and you've LOST something as a result, you need to contact Customer Support, via the green ? tab in the upper right. (If you haven't lost anything, and it's simply an annoyance, please be patient, and let the admins work their magic. ;-] )

Also - Keep an eye on here the Staff Announcements. The admins will post when the glitches have been fixed, or provide an update with further instructions.

Good luck, and thanks for your patience!!

offline CK AWESOMER Imperator <=Chaos-Knights=>
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 20:13

Seems as though the tournaments are malfunctioning, I got no credits or clintz from the last two!

offline (UE)Daddy Titan  
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 20:42

Same here. Two tournaments, no clintz. It's not fatal, just wierd.

offline 1san Imperator Black Sea Piranas
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 20:51

I was sellin my Nistarok this morning when i decided I didn't want to sell it so I clicked cancel. The card was then no-where to be found. So i posted a message and one of the moderators replyed this to me:

In response to your message board post:
I have been told by the Admins that the developers are working on a problem and that it should be fixed shortly. If the cards aren't in your collection in a few hours contact customer Support via the green "?" button at the top right.

Happy Gaming,

I then contacted customer support several minutes after reciving this, and now its been approxmitly 5 hours since my cards been missing. Has this happened to anyone else and or has anyone received missing cards ect? It may not seem much to you but 3000 clintz is half my cash! Nistarok come back to me! ):

offline IM_Judge Titan  
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 21:12


offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 21:25

Greetings. ;-]

@1san - I can see a Nistarok in your collection. I am absolutely certain that the card issues have been resolved, but if you still believe that it's a separate Nistarok you're missing, by all means contact Customer Support, as above.

I know CS gets swamped at times like these, but they have an excellent track record of getting back to folks within two days, maximum. And, they're the only ones with the tools to recover any cards you might have lost as a result of a glitch. ;-]

ALMOST every glitch has been identified and repaird. I know that there are some DT displays that still aren't working, and some battle histories aren't showing matches, but the matches ARE being counted. Just a little more patience, folks. And remember - If you have LOST something as a result of all of this, CS is happy to help. ;-]


offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 21:47

My match i play isnt not coming on my fight history smiley

offline KARD_KEEPER Divinity Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 22:40

I'm still waiting to hear back from CS of now I am about 1M short in cards that I never received in a trade.....and I am waiting patiently smiley

offline XCap Wild Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 02/03/2011, 23:02

@ post 16.... Same here. I also sold a card and it took a good hour or two before the clintz showed in the account. It's probably just some sort of lag thing.

offline SankZzz Hero Friends Of Fate
Thursday 03/03/2011, 00:07

Do we styll get credits and clitz for our tournaments cuz i didnt receive any for the past two tournaments

available Chef Mike Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 03/03/2011, 00:07

Sounds to me like somebody used the confusion as an opportunity to scam you , KARD_KEEPER .

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