After his first foray onto the streets of Clint City, Dudley Ld is back in town scouring the candy stores, determined to stuff himself with anything that, close up or from a distance, bears the slightest resemblance to candy! But Candy Jack has scattered his stock all over town and the greedy pig is going to have a job finding them!Dudley Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before May 29th.

offline jackson2424 Imperator  
Tuesday 17/05/2011, 07:58

These missions were way way too easy. i finished the first and fourth missions exclusively in training mode so as not to effect win totals or anything and the other two took about half an afternoon. I understand this makes the ld's more obtainable for everyone but is that really the point? I thought they were supposed to be at least slightly prestigious characters that you could be proud to add to your collection. who knows, maybe im wrong and either way not a big deal

offline xxx SKAAR xxx Titan  
Tuesday 17/05/2011, 08:57

I'm not impressed that the use of specific cards seems to have been dropped in favour of just winning rounds or inflicting damage with a clan to win the LD card. I paid way over the odds for specific Bangers cards to complete their missions (which I actually was unable to due to being deathly ill for a while). Now it looks like it's a walk in the park for anyone interested. This does not seem to be a fair way to operate. Have players pay inflated rates for cards to complete missions to obtain a card and then have no specific card requirements for the same card? Why not give me the chance to sell my card again at the inflated rate to someone who has yet to obtain the LD card?

offline Elrico Ld Senior  
Tuesday 17/05/2011, 11:49

Please make Ld for Jungo !!!

offline arcueid_14 Imperator  
Tuesday 17/05/2011, 15:10

Maybe ur change their purpose about ld
1) ld makes collector players to plays
2) ld makes some people more active,since ld mission have expirate date (and dont know when it will available again) "force" people to playing ur
3) ld makes player to try every clans -> more experiences -> more deck & strategy varieties -> more fun smiley and ppl learned how to counter certain clan too (by fight against it
4) since ld cannot be trade and purchased,that means it will make your "account" valluable,different with cr's when you can have unlimited amount of it as long as you can purchase them.Just like medals,not so important for certain ppl,but for certain ppl it will become a proud for them
if ppl want to brag,then elo & survivor score,winning huge event and having big 5 or another huge achievement will be more suited
everyone have different scale to measure their proud right ? smiley

offline Meelosh Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 17/05/2011, 15:11

@ jackson 24US "I thought they were supposed to be at least slightly prestigious characters that you could be proud to add to your collection."
I don't think so... Cr cards are prestigious to have in collection, not Ld... Anyway, to all of you who think that Ld missions should be harder, here is a mission that is available to all of you, even now:
"Win 2 000 000 battles to obtain enough clintz to buy Lyse Teria" Hard enough??? smiley

offline Lupo 1908 Hero  
Tuesday 17/05/2011, 18:05

Boring missions... remove 80 life points lol...
next time dundley

offline CN wolie Colossus XiongDang
Wednesday 18/05/2011, 03:36

I cannot start the first mission. I got Dudley Ld in the first opportunity and now i can't do the legendary mission.

offline karubin Titan  
Wednesday 18/05/2011, 03:48

I'm having problem getting the mission started. Exactly where do I go to win the 35 matches?

offline IIIIIIIIl Novice  
Wednesday 18/05/2011, 06:36

WOW, I'm on the 3rd mission and I am about to fall asleep.smiley Please put the missions back to the way they were when you re-release in the future.

offline greuceanu Hero Dark Knights
Wednesday 18/05/2011, 08:20

I cant do this new legenday mision, is it not open yet?

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