offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Thursday 30/06/2011, 14:46

9 complementary, efficient characters for just 60 creditsWith these 9 characters, you’ll have two different Decks to play with, each made up of 8 cards. The first one, that has 25 stars, can be played in ELO and T1, while the second one with its 28 stars can be played in T2. And of course both these Decks can be played in open mode.And of course you can modify and improve these Decks with your own cards. However, if you’re just starting out in the game, we advise you to wait until you’ve played a few rounds with the Decks before you start making changes to them.

offline PermanatorWMD Titan Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:08

Facepalm for the idea ....smiley

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:11

Tpu_Renji: the budget for setting the price has been calculated by using the average market value of 3 boostr (over time), then we picked our selection of cards from the market from that price.
We tried to build decks for less credits (so less average market value) but it wasn't possible to have a nice T1 and a nice T2 at the same time.

offline I am Sylar Guru  
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:18

I think this addition is a great idea!

offline ---SiM-HoA--- Guru Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:19

If i had 60 credits, i personally would buy 6K in clintz and have the freedom to build my own deck rather than those cards smiley

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:20

... And you are more than welcome to do so smiley

The nice thing is that you have the choice now.

offline KamaMan Imperator The Infinite Shoeblack
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:26

I really love this idea and do hope that more theme decks will come out as the time passes by. Of course I won't buy 'em 'cause I don't need them and have great experience but my friend (who is a new player) already bought one and is really satisfied with it.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:28

@KamaMan: that's nice to hear.

We believe we'll change the themed decks from time to time, depending of the success of this new offer smiley

offline Mangustas Novice ELITE_LTU
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:48

I like the idea. smiley

offline Pynxz Hero The Trend
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:50

Someone should post the marked value of each deck.

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Thursday 30/06/2011, 16:55

Well, I am ambivalent to it and will not buy one myself

1) They are solid decks.
1a) But the price... um, well... too high by straight value card-for-card BUT you pay for having those fitting cards.

2) It would be worse if there were really great cards inside - the price of those cards would plummet as there is a guaranteed supply.
2a) No rares were harmed in the making of these packs smiley

3) The idea is copied from other TCGs... which is fine. But sorry, "theme" does not really carry much here, not as in, say, Magic's theme decks. That's largely due to UR not really being comparable to Magic in many aspects.

=> I think it is a good choice for new players... maybe, if they don't want to invest more. For everybody who has a functioning deck, these new sets are clearly not the way to go. It may indeed be the right way to grab new players more easily... I myself don't fall into the category this is aimed at at all. (I do read manuals, for example, a seriously outdated thing to read. smiley). It has a very slight air of money grab. Then again, you pay for pre-construct service and nobody hinders player to offer preconstrucion for clintz (via credits if need be). So whatever... some people will buy them, most won't and that's more or less fine, I'd say. I'd like to hear in a month or so, how well this actually went. I am somewhat weary about having a lot of those decks - that would lead to only rares having real worth as in its extreme, all other cards are guaranteed in these decks

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