Friday 29/07/2011, 11:25

The escalation in violence continues in the streets of Clint City. The GHEIST send the fearsome Gork on the attack, while the Montana dispatch Paolo to blow anything that bothers them. Jakson is going to have his work cut out instilling law and order and Snowflake will have no choice but to intervene, having been taught by the Skeelz that along with her powers come big responsibilities.
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Friday 29/07/2011, 11:26

Nice releasessmiley

Friday 29/07/2011, 11:34

A huge backlash ability on a card that already sucks without it? Really? It's been such a long time since the GHEIST got an actual usable card... In the past two years or so, Wardom is all we got. Who's actually subpar in comparison to Xu62 and especially in upper Elo, where conditionals spell doom. Disappointed.

Friday 29/07/2011, 11:35

Pretty Decent Release

Friday 29/07/2011, 11:37

Nice cards... well done.

Friday 29/07/2011, 11:38

Nice release smiley

Friday 29/07/2011, 11:41

Jakson: A rare 4* Sentinel, 8/5, Ability: protection Damage. Nice card it might be used a lot.

Gork: A uncommon 5* GHEIST, 7/8 Backlash: Poison 2 Min 4. Will it replace Wardom, im not sure, i will have to test him to find out.

Snowflake: A common 3* Skeelz,7/4, Heal 2 Max 12. I have never been that impressed with heal cards but it might work well in Skeelz.

Paolo: a common 3* Montana, 7 / 3 poison 1 min 3. Bad, only for players who can't afford the other 3*'s

Friday 29/07/2011, 11:49

Great addition! The only card I thought was sucky was Paolo. The rest are incredible! Nice work smiley

Friday 29/07/2011, 11:51

No new Berzerk smiley

Friday 29/07/2011, 12:09

A good release today. I know lots of people hate backlash but I see no problems with it. They are finishing cards, not starter, so backlash should never be an issue in the game. Also they're anti-SOA so thats always good.

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