offline Dueceswild Hero  
Monday 08/08/2011, 18:58

I am currently constructing a T2 deck Ula/Sak...

Ula cards so far are Tan Man, Wee Lee, Hikiyoyosan, and Stanely

Sak cards are Grakk, Uranus, and Stella.

For my 8th and final spot, Do i go leader? If so, which? And im curious to know if this deck would be good in survivor or DT.


offline spinng Veteran  
Monday 08/08/2011, 20:20

Morfun would be good for surviour since u can maxsimize your pillz with his ablity
[8 5 + 1 pillz per round]
and ambre for the DT so u can get more points by getting quick kos to get in more battles for more points[ 6 4 courage power + 3]

offline Dueceswild Hero  
Monday 08/08/2011, 21:02


Is the deck so far that i have... please rate/critique

offline -Zawaha- Hero  
Wednesday 10/08/2011, 18:52 try this if can afored got 17 wins before defeted

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 11/08/2011, 19:14

I would personally use ambre to start of with but then swap to morphun when you get to high survirors levels.

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